Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Round Up!

Hey guys,

Sorry for no posts the last few days.  I have a bunch of stuff going on (some good, some not so good), and I just haven’t had the inspiration to write.

BUT  I am back today with a bit of a fun RAW FOOD round up!!


It’s really exciting to see that a bunch of you are really interested in the raw food thang!!  So I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for RAW info for you (and me too!)

1- My FAV raw food gal.  GIRL ON RAW!!  Robyn just finished her raw chef certification at 105 degrees in Oklahoma!   On top of being an awesome (un) cook, she’s  just so lovely too!

#2- A great article about being Curious about the transition to raw food!! With a few great food facts as well!

#3- Raw on less than $10 per day!  Love this blog, she shows how cheap (and tasty) being a raw foodie can be,  great inspiration and lots of recipes!!

#4 – Green Monster (smoothies) Movement.  Tons of great recipes to get you inspired!!   DSC_1867

#5 – I have sent you here before, but check out my instructors fabulous website!

She has recipes for her Banana Lemon Pie

DSC_1690 And the delicious Hummus without Chickpeas to serve in pepper boats! DSC_1746 That’s all today for me!!  If you have a raw blog or a great raw recipe PLEASE promote it in the comment section (either on the blog or facebook)!!  I’d love to hear who is out there!! :)

If not,  tell me something exciting that’s going on in your life these days!!



ps.  Keep my Grandma in your prayers, she’s not doing so good these days!!


  1. all of this raw food looks so DELICIOUS and tummy-friendly :)

    i'm so sorry about your grandmother, i'll definitely be thinking about her, girl!

    ♥ lindsey

  2. I made the Banana Lemon Pie this morning and it is just chillaxin' in the fridge until dinner. I had fresh strawberries and some diced pineapple that I added to the bananas. I can't wait to try it - I may have to sneak a piece before dinner!! :-)

  3. Darling I've been thinking about you and your family ever since you mentioned it on facebook!

    Thanks for the litte shout out! You are one of my favourite bloggies too xoxoxox

    I'm so excited about your experience with Raw Rose. Did you guys use a dehydrator at all?

  4. Hey :)

    My favourite site:
    The best raw forum! Pictures, networking, information.

    My fave blog:
    Freelee talks about her life as a low fat, high fruit, high energy, raw vegan. Amazing girl!

    Cheers :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, she is in our thoughts and prayers, as are you!! xoxo

  6. Thanks for all the great links! That blueberry lemon pie looks beautiful.

    You and your grandmother will be in my thoughts. xoxo

  7. ohmygosh! that all looks AWESOME
    i looove raw foods! raw hommous is great isnt it!?
    i like putting it on zucchini noodles... its a lot of zucchini.. but a lot of yum...

  8. Hey Doll! I hope you are well??

    Yeah to our good friend Robyn!!

    I must try this hummus sans chickpeas! How awesome does it look?! I normally use the beans, but sometimes they upset my tummy. I guess you learned that a good source of vegan protein is hemp? What about beans?


  9. I can't wait to try that pie - I bookmarked it!!!

  10. I hope your grandma is doing okay...

    These recipes look amazing!


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