Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick easy RAW ideas!

So I have to be honest,  I’ve been having a hard time incorporating raw food into my diet lately because I’ve been craving bagel type goodness!!   MMM  BREAD!!!   I think maybe it’s because I just finished reading a book all about a  baker who is super passionate about baking, and some times goes into detail about how soft the bread is, how chewy and how the butter melts and drips as she’s eating it…. *drools*

Thank God that book is done!! haha

So I thought I could do a post about quick easy raw meals that you can make in a flash!!  Maybe I will re inspire myself!

Nori Rolls – Wrap up veggies of choice in nori rolls (preferable raw ones)   That’s it!! Serve with dipping sauce of choice.

DSC_1925 (2) You won’t even miss the rice I promise!  DSC_1927 (2)

DSC_1926 (2)

Stir fry…  or not?

This was Dave’s meal that I cooked, but I also made the same for myself raw with no chicken! (but forgot to take a pic)  DSC_1931 What’s in it – carrots, spiralized zuchinni, mango, green onion, snap peas, peppers.

Sauce was super easy and delicious (for both raw and cooked dinners)  1/2 fresh mango, 2 Tbsp peanuts (or just peanut butter), a bit of soya sauce, lime juice and chili flakes.   Then I blended it up in the blender and had a perfect creamy sauce!!

Of course salad is super easy and so versatile,  you can really toss anything you want in there!  DSC_1244the possibilities are endless.  DSC_1859


Salad rolls are quick and easy – although the rice wrap isn’t considered raw – it’s still a great vessel for delicious veggies!!  You could use the same sauce for these as the stirfry!!   DSC_1957


I think one of my favorite things has been veggie noodles…

DSC_1964 These are sooo good!!  Especially with the creamy cashew sauce on top, but you could top it with anything really!! 

DSC_1854  Now you do need a spiralizer for this.  I got mine from here.  Which is a great Canadian company you can buy lots of good stuff from (like a vitamix)

Of course there are always snack plates!!  Great for a little snack!


Add whatever veggies you like, dried fruit, nuts, hummus, seaweed, raw crackers.  DSC_1965 DSC_1909

Ok that last one is a snack plate/salad combo… with nut cheese!!

Of course, last but not least, when I’m in a rush I like to make a green smoothie for my lunch – I just add an extra scoop of hemp seeds to up the protein and away I go!!

DSC_1804 DSC_1867 There should be a bumper sticker that says I heart Green Smoothies! haha

Hope this inspired you even a wee bit!!  I’d love for you to add some great quick raw meals – feel free to link drop too!!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!!   We have family coming from Austria today, so that’s pretty exciting!!!



  1. Love the sushi roll idea. I typically peel off most of the rice as it is.

  2. Raw food is AMAZING! I am loving raw food more now than every before! Everything is so bright and tasty - I am happy to hear you are loving your meals! Thanks for the inspiration =)

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm always trying to incorporate more raw foods into my everyday meals. Love the Nori wraps!
    Yay, I'm from Austria originally :) Enjoy your visitors xxx

  4. Isn't Nori the best?!?! I love it. You can use it for so much. Keep us posted on more fabulous raw eats. :)

  5. Raw food is so yummy and just perfect for the heat of the summer. I love raw raps using nori rolls, pure deliciousness! Everything in this post is so colorful and gorgeous, thanks for all the ideas.

    Although, I've got to say you made me crave some doughy bagel goodness, too! But there is nothing wrong with feasting on delicious bread. :-)

  6. I've been doing lots of raw lately - but lots of the same thing over and over. I'm in a bit of a food rut. These are good ideas to shake things up a bit.

  7. Do you have the spiral slicer or the spirooli slicer?



  8. WOW, BEAUTIFUL !! I love vibrant, colorful food!

    I eat nori almost every day... sometimes just by itself !! (weird...?)

  9. I love all your wonderful ideas...everything looks so pretty!

  10. Definitely inspired me!! I want to eat that tomato salad - mmmmmm, with fresh farmer's market tomatoes!!

  11. i am seeing the trend of raw foods in the blog world again!! oooh I love it! raw sushi rolls are my ultimate favorite!!

  12. This is my favourite blog right now!

    Firstly, your old picture post re: making raw nut/fried fruit balls was so inspirational that I actually soaked medjool dates last night and made some balls this morning! They were FABULOUS. *swoon*

    Thank you!!!

    I'm vegan and have been incorporating more raw foods into my life during the past 6 months. I'm always on the look out for ideas :)

  13. I demand you come to NYC and we do a raw food cooking extravaganzaaaaaa!!


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