Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rawness Day #2

Hope you enjoyed Day #1 of Raw Foodie Goodness!!

I can’t begin to express how much I am learning and how great I feel!   I am exhausted, don’t get me wrong, but I have been getting up at 6am – to be there by 7:30ish, and hope around 8:30-9ish every night…  It’s jam packed days…   plus I’m working a little too.


That being said, I feel on top of the world!!   My skin is softer, teeth are whiter, energy is HIGH, no stomach troubles and in general I just feel happy!! 

On to Day #2

Started off with green smoothies – jam packed full of goodies!!  (If you wanted to incorporate ANYTHING into your diet, it should be a green smoothie a day)


DSC_1731 DSC_1727

Serious Business -  just for the record (and in my opinion)…  Vitamix is FAR superior to the Blendtec…

Blend Blend Blend

DSC_1729Green (ok maybe brown) Smoothie to the rescue! 

DSC_1730 What’s more perfect to go with a green smoothie than ENERGY BALLS!!   Cinnamon ones!  They had an awesome kick to them!!




Lunch – first things first… make zeee brownies… (or fudge for you crazy folk that blended too much – you know who you are!)




Secretly, I think someone added some booze to these puppies…  they were boozy tasting, but good!! Must have been the raw chocolate!

Want some?

DSC_1756 No more brownies, they are for after lunch…. 

Any ideas what lunch was??



Zuchinni Hummus (no beans) in pepper boats… served with….


Amazing beet soup…. isn’t it beautiful? DSC_1763 My plate

DSC_1771DSC_1770  Amazing…  with of course a BROWNIE!!!

What did you think? 


Someone asked me if I could share recipes…  I am going to double check – but I will give you the link to buy the (awesome + very easy) cookbook when I am all done the course!!

Hope you enjoyed this!



  1. Fantastic!!! I want to do this BIG TIME!!!

  2. I was just going to ask if you were going to share recipes. I have some raw recipe books but truth be told sometimes they call for a ton of ingredients that are impossible to find out here.

    I'm all about simple and straight-forward!

  3. I was just going to ask for recipes!... then I read your last sentence =) I would love the link (or even the recipes)! Thanks for posting the pics.. the food looks so delicious.

  4. So amazing! This looks like a wonderful experience, and I am glad you are having so much fun!

  5. Wow, that all looks so yummy! I do hope you can share at least one recipe... not sure which I'd pick though, they all look good!

  6. The chocolate is making my mouth water!!! Mmmmm!! I am glad to hear that the Vita-Mix is superior ... I just bought one last month.

  7. Sounds like you had so much fun! I'm biased, but I've tried the vitamix and the blendtec, and I actually DO prefer the Blendtec ;)

  8. The brownie looks sooo decadent! And hummus in pepper boats = such a good idea...I want to try that now ;)

    I am still debating purchasing a vitamix. I will only do so, if I find it for a good price at costco ;)


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