Friday, June 25, 2010

Epic fail and Mochi?

So yesterday I posted on Facebook that I was making Tina’s Rad Waffles for my comfort food meal.   I just wasn’t feeling good, and I wanted something warm and delicious. 

This is where the Epic Fail began… 

I didn’t have eggs, so I used Chia Seed Egg replacement instead…

This is what happens when you don’t use eggs…DSC_1937 I almost cried… all I wanted was a waffle… but I seized the day and went with the flow. DSC_1938 DSC_1939 Not so pretty, but it tasted alright.    Awwwh… note to self – Chia eggs don’t work for waffles!!


Moving on.

I also made raw crackers in my dehydrator.  I noticed while doing my course that FLAX and I are not friends, so I tested out chia seeds instead. 

The crackers turned out great!!  DSC_1925

topped with hummus, avocado, cucumber, sprouts and wakame!!

DSC_1926Good stuff I tell ya!!


Has anyone heard of or tried this stuff??


I made it this morning.  Broke it up into small peices, and put under the broiler until they got soft and puffy….

DSC_1942 It was interesting…  I think maybe I’m missing something though?

Any Mochi tips?

Have a great weekend guys!!  We are celebrating D’s 30th birthday tomorrow with laser tag and then a BBQ…  I promise to take lots of pictures and give you a recap Monday!!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Happy Birthday to D!

    Sorry the waffle did not stay together, but as long as it still tasted good :) Your crackers look yummy.

    I recently heard of mochi, and it was actually cooked in a waffle iron! I think the recipe was from Alicia Silverstone, and had a lemon syrup with it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. This has happened to me too, and don't you just hate it when waffles stick? It's not lack of eggs that are the problem. Did you add enough oil to the batter? Was the iron nice and hot? Did you wait for the steaming to stop before opening the iron? Try spraying a little Pam (or similar spray) on the iron before using but avoid regular oil or margarine (or butter). Hope it works next time!

  3. I am having my year-end staff party at my place tonight. Tomorrow, no plans yet! Should be a relaxing weekend :-)

  4. Eeek! Sorry the waffles didn't turn out, cooking can be so frustrating, especially when you're hungry! But...the crackers look scrumptious!! :)

    We are relaxing after a super busy week, probably watching a movie and of course, cooking.

    Have a great weekend! :)


  5. i cant help you w/ waffle or pancakes, not my forte

    the last post w/ you and the kitty...omg too cute!! both of you!

    have a great weekend w. the bday stuff! i know you will girl!! yay!!!


    no smiling on DL pics..that was interesting, thx for saying that..weird!

  6. Awww I am sorry to hear about your waffles!!!

    What is this mochi?? This looks so interesting!

    You are amazing me with your eats girl :)



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