Monday, June 21, 2010

I love Summer!!

I love that summer is finally here!!

Dave and I worked hard at turning our garden from this… 


into this – a perfect garden full of tomatoes, zucchini, kale, cucumber, swiss chard, beans, peas and tons of fresh herbs! DSC_1973

Dave also built me a fabulous fence around my garden (to keep the dog out of it!)DSC_1960  Love it!! 

There has also been some garage sale shopping…  I got two of these candles/holders for $8!!!  Perfect for the patio

DSC_1970 Summers also = BBQ time!!!   Corn on the cob, cucumbers, sprouts, Amy’s Veg burger with a kale bun and guac!!


EAT ME!!DSC_1972

Summer also = ICE CREAM!!  (aka chocolate banana soft serve)


DSC_1968 DSC_1967

yum… if you haven’t made this yet, do it!!  Frozen bananas, some water or milk in the food processor or good blender…  blend until smooth……  drool…….

Lance and I also did a photo shoot… he’s a good subject!

*corn dog* muahhahahaaaaaaa

DSC_1975 DSC_1977 DSC_1986 DSC_1987 He’s such a cute little monkey!!! :)

These are a few reasons I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!  Blue Sky!!!


Why do you love summer???? 


  1. Mmm, that chocolate banana soft serve looks so perfect right about now. Glad you are enjoying your summer so far.:) I love long summer days where it doesn't get dark until after 8:30!

  2. I love the idea of using kale as the bun alternative. We especially love Sunshine burgers! Also, your dog looks like such a sweetheart, what cute pictures!

    I love long, late night summer walks and lots of time with my grill (grilling veggies, of course). :-)


  3. You sure do have some great reasons to love summer! Lance has such loving eyes, he is beautiful!

    I love summer because I can go for a walk or bike ride to my favorite little waterfall and sit down by the river in the sun.

  4. cute corn doggie ! :)

    your garden looks great! I haven't been able to start mine... too rainy lately, the ground is too wet. I have one box planter I weeded the other day, I think I'll fill it with basil while I wait...

    that veg burger + kale bun = awesome! :)

  5. You have great photos! I need to try to make some chocolate banana soft serve some day soon!

  6. Garden looks great! Summer are great for banana soft serves and raw ice cream :) YAY> Love summer for the sunny days and not having to cover myself in layers of jackets ;) HAHA.

  7. Oh my that dinner looks spectacular! :)

  8. Everything looks great. I love the garden, the chocolate soft serve & that great grill dish...oh so tempting.

    I love garage sales, its amazing what you can find for so cheap....excellent.

  9. What kind of blender do you use for your soft serve?

  10. Aw corn dog! I love it!!! And I am incredibly jealous of your garden too. And the blue skies. Even though it is summer here in Saudi the sky always looks dusty coloured!

    Thanks so much for your contribution to the conversation on my blog!

  11. Loving the raw food updates! I'm eating more raw these days - LOVING the fresh salads with tons of yummy stuff in them.

    Your garden sounds like mine! Tomatos, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, zucinni, peppers, brussel sprouts and lots of herbs. Oh and strawberries! Can't wait until they start to produce.


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