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Tips for staying healthy on the road – by Elizabeth!

Hey guys,

This guest post is a little late, but it’s fantastic, so I hope you check it out!! 

I “met” Elizabeth through doing a blogger cross border exchange, we both sent each other yummy packages of goodness, and have been friends ever since…  Boston is on my list of places to go in my life, so I know we’ll meet at some point in life!! :)

Plus Jamie and I have plans to dog nap her cute French bull dog Clark! muahahhaaaaaaaaa

Enjoy this awesome post!


Hi, my fellow DFB friends and fans. I’m Elizabeth from Boston and I write a little blog called On Tap for Today. While Jess is enjoying Newfoundland (and doing her best to avoid getting screeched?), I am perched by the window in a hotel in Texas, where I’m spending next few days for business. I’d love to share my favorite tips and tricks for staying healthy on the road.

1. Plan ahead.

Sure you’ve booked your flight and hotel, but have you booked your meals? Like Jess, and most likely many of you, I have certain food sensitivities. I am also a lifelong vegetarian. Airports aren’t always the friendliest places for finding dairy-free or vegetarian or gluten free options.

When I am travelling for business, I stick to a bland diet (to avoid any stomach “excitement,” if you will) and I always pack snacks.


Ahhh! Snacks on a plane! Healthy snacking every few hours prevents from over-eating and, welp, becoming cranky. For the flight down here, I packed a Lemon Zest mini Luna Bar, a handful of dried cranberries and graham crackers with almond butter. My fellow travelers were jealous. Or weirded out. If you are eating at the airport, take a few minutes to scope out your options in your terminal before making your choice.

2. If you’re wearing sandals, pack socks.

You can slip them on right before passing through the security check point to avoid going barefoot. They’ll also come in handy if the thought of going barefoot in a hotel gives you the creepy crawlies (that’s the scientific term for being grossed out).

3. Hydrate.

I recommend picking up a giganto bottle of water near your gate, and aiming to finish it while you fly. Think of the calories you’ll burn making a mad dash for the ladies’ room once you land! Just kidding… kind of. The air on planes is just plain bad. Prevent dehydration by increasing your fluid intake while you travel. Avoid caffeine, if possible (types the girl who just finished her second cup of tea).

4. Bring your own entertainment.

IMG_5558 People watching, one of my favorite past times, can be wrongly misinterpreted as stalking if you make the rooky mistake of repeated eye contact. Bring a book, magazine or iPod. Fool your people watching subjects.

5. When it comes to working out, get creative.

IMG_5557 I’m travelling to the heart of Texas this week to speak to a group of middle school ESL teachers, and then present an award to one of their students. Quite literally, I only need to be in Texas for three hours. Our plans came together at the eleventh hour, however, with only a few flights from Boston to Houston to choose from.   Ergo, I find myself with approximately 900 million hours of unplanned time. After browsing the hotel’s website, I was relieved to see there is a gym, and since I am travelling with MacBook in tow, I packed a workout DVD to mix things up. Smart phone apps are another great option.  Some of my favorites include 100 Pushups, Shape Magazine LBD workout, and Women's Health Workouts, all available on iTunes.

6. Embrace samples.

IMG_5561 I keep a little sachet bag in the top drawer of our bathroom vanity at home, filled with samples I’ve picked up at events, spas, and from services like EcoLuxeLife. When it comes time to pack for a trip, rather than worry about buying travel sizes or pouring shampoo into a TSA approved bottle, I shop from my mini-collection of mini toiletries.

7.  Take a deep breath.

Photo on 2010-05-19 at 10.43 Business travel may not provide the time to relax, explore and enjoy that a vacation does, but embrace what it does afford you. This morning, for example, I slept “late” for the first time in ages. And because of the time difference, I was still ahead of schedule. I had time to relax and read a few chapters of my book and catch up on my ever-overflowing Google Reader. To top it off, I don’t need to make the bed!

How do you stay healthy on the road, or in the air?  I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

Make sure to check out Elizabeth’s blog  - On Tap For Today


  1. That was interesting !
    When travelling, I pack socks because of creepy crawlies and flip-flops. I almost always bring apples and nuts. On the train I spotted hummus and crackers on the rolling cart so I bought these instead of the chips I really wanted.

  2. If I am on the road or in the air, I am typically on vacation ... and then I don't worry so much about eating healthy. I just watch portions!

  3. I was pleasantly surprised that the post was about more than food when traveling. I must bring socks, that's good.

    I've been drying beet greens and am planning to take the powdered dried leaves with me to add to instant soup that I will bring along. If I get in enough vegetables, my day can't go to far wrong.

    On my blog today, there is a recipe for energy bars that are very filling and healthy.


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