Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Husband

So I came home from a full day of practicum and then 3 hours of class to a very special dinner made by my hubby!!

Fish, potatoes, and veggies!  He even plated it beautifully for blog photos!! (good man!)


I got flowers and THEN… he BAKED me cookies!  Chocolate Love Affair Cookies even!!


Plated by him and served with vanilla soy ice cream and fresh strawberries!


I’d say he’s a keeper!!   Thank you honey, love you!!

I still can’t believe you baked me cookies – that’s a big deal!! Smile 


Has anyone made you a special surprise meal?  What was it and was there a special occasion?!?

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  1. He's definitely a keeper! That meal looks incredible, and actually just like something I'd like to have for dinner tonight. Fish plus veggies is always just the right thing, I think. Lucky you!

  2. What a nicey your husband is!!!! Truth is, I would be impressed if my husband even so much as cooked an egg!

  3. What a sweet husband! I love when I come home in the morning (i work night shift) and my bf has made me something and its waiting in the fridge! Arent they the sweetest?

  4. What a VERY sweet husband! :) You deserve it! :)

  5. what a guy! the food looks awesome!

    and your last post, those kale chips? yyyyuuuummmm! :)


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