Monday, May 16, 2011

What I am loving!

I love it when my blogger friends do a “What I’m Loving” so I thought I would do one myself!!

I hope no one minds me borrowing their pictures, I am giving you link love!

I am SO in love with these rings!  I read about them on someone’s blog!


Isn’t this the most gorgeous ring ever?  You can get it here (and hint – it’s under $20) and there is a turquoise one too! (which is equally as beautiful)


How about this.  Remember my dessert hummus from a few months back?

Well my friend at Purple Bird Dog made dessert hummus baked balls!



I am also loving this photo… Seriously, how cute is this kid and it’s so impossible NOT to smile when you see this photo!  <source>


Oh and how about this for an esteem boost?


Sorry for the swearing in this next one, but the message is SO powerful, makes me smile! <source>



Those who know me, know that fashion is not my thing (hello hoodies!) but secretly, I kinda love fashion.

                                                         Love this!   <source> image

Oh and this too! <source> add a pair of jeans and flats (SO CUTE!)


What’s got me loving all this stuff?  Pintrest!!! My newest addiction!!  If you have an account make sure to add me!!  If you don’t check out how cool it is, and totally inspiring!

Do you enjoy random posts like this?  I’m sure if you are a Pintrest person you did!!!   Enjoy!!

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  1. Oooh I love posts like this! And I DEFINITELY love that belted dress, how perfect and summery is that!?!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! Thanks for the love, my dear! Seriously... those balls are ridiculous. And I froze some of the other bean balls so I'll let you know how they thaw out! Have a great week! xoxo

  3. I have that ring!! I bought it on Etsy (from another seller) about 2 years ago. LOVE it!

  4. I love those posts! And that ring is so beautiful!!

    I might have to follow suit and try one myself :P

  5. oh I love these posts too! And yes, I want Christin hummus dessert balls!

  6. I love that ring!

    This was fun to read :)

  7. Aw, I love this post. I definitely smiled at least twice :) :)

    I think the swearing definitely makes the saying more impactful!

  8. I always love posts like this the best :-) Don't know why!! Haha! I am totally getting one of those rings!

  9. Janna had that same ring posted! Clearly I'm missing out on a cute blog somewhere.

  10. looove this post! I must have that ring...soon!
    And Christin's hummus balls look so good- i'm making them asap when my detox is over!
    The clothes are awesome too- I'm in a shopping mood now :)


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