Friday, May 6, 2011

Linky Love!


I promise I am still alive!!  I am a week into my practicum (as an Education Assistant) and am LOVING it, but it’s crazy busy!  When I get home I’m so tired I’ve been napping, making dinner and then going to bed! ha  I think it comes from 8 months sitting for 6-9 hours per day in class and now 6.5 hours of on my feet running, gym class, swimming, lifting etc.!!  Loving it though!!

I’ve been scouring blog land for awesome recipes and here are some I found that I can’t wait to try!

Cashew Carrot Meatballs with Silky Coconut Curry Sauce
Carrot Pumpkin Bars with Orange Icing
Easy Oven Baked Yam Chips
Sunflower Seed Cheese (which I’ve tried and it’s GOOD!)
Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Tahini Sauce
Pineapple Cashew Quinoa Stir Fry
Raw (dairy free) Smoked Cheddar

Have you found any interesting recipes lately?   Send me lanky love if you have!!
I will be back this weekend with food posts!!
Happy Friday to you!


  1. i love the links! always good recipes! and I am so excited that you love your job and hubby. GOOD TIMES!

  2. Thanks for the links! Have a wonderful weekend girl :-)

  3. Its hard to blog while you're trying to sleep and work! ,lol.. i know how it is cuz I work night shift, and sleep during the day! take time for yourself, girl.. we'll be here when you arent so busy :)
    I made avocado pudding, but I think you already commented on that so you obvi already read my blog post about it.. i too have been working a lot so havent made anything super great lately. have a good weekend :)

  4. Recently, I also in practice, very busy very tired.But I enjoy it

  5. I love your recipes. I am new to this but it does make dairy allergy tolerable =). It's not really me it's my only son and he's 9. Have to be more creative to feed him. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Easy Oven Baked Yam Chips sounds terrific but i need to watch my weight.


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