Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Swirly Curly Salad!

Hola Amiga's! (and amigos!)

Hope you are all good and you are getting better weather in your neck of the woods!! We  had a whole weekend of beautiful sunshine and felt SO spoiled!!  I’m so ready for summer!

Speaking of summer – to me summer = a more raw diet!  Winter is cold and I crave chewy carbs (bread, pasta etc) in the summer I crave FRESH crisp veggies and fruit!

This weekend with the weather so nice, we had our first meal out in the back yard and I made a super quick and super easy salad!


I used the bigger blade of my spiralizer and I made up these swirls of zucchini, daikon radish and beets!

For the dressing – I used a TBSP raw apple cider vinegar, about a tsp grape seed oil, salt and pepper and that’s all!!


It turned out so good and fresh!  and I realized I LOVE raw beets!!

With the rest of my meal!


Sautéed Swiss chard with fresh garlic,  BBQed corn and a wee piece of left over trout! (and bbq sauce)

I LOVE outside meals!

What is your favourite thing about nicer weather?

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  1. That salad looks so yummy! I love all of the colors in it. I have to try spiralizing beets!

    And that corn is really making me think of summer :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. No way you have a spiralizer too?? i really gotta get one of these things! salad looks yummy :)

  3. My kids playing OUTSIDE!!!

  4. those spiralizers really make everything beautiful!

  5. Your salad looks so cute and delicious! I absolutely must learn how you spiraled those beets and the onion. Do tell!

  6. That it darn it! I am getting a spiralizer! I love how that salad looks! So healthy and yummy:)

  7. That is such a pretty salad!

    I love the warmer weather because I don't have to wear a coat, and I can wear sandles :-)


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