Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Super Easy Dinner!

Well hello again!!

I am trying hard to write posts for every day of the week, so I am sitting here on Sunday writing away, all the tasty things that I can think of!!    I don’t want to leave you guys hanging!!!

Ok, as you have probably seen lately, I haven’t been eating much meat.   Due to all my wacky stomach problems, meat hasn’t been my friend lately.  I still have chicken, fish and shellfish, but as for the rest, no thank you!

Prawns have always been one of my favourite things. This is the easiest prawn recipe out there and it’s so tasty!

I sautéed prawns with some Thai chilli sauce and a tiny bit of coconut cream concentrate (which I LOVE), and then sprinkled it with coconut after it was finished.  So easy and so “finger licking” good!


For the sweet potatoes I used the same method as the potatoes from yesterday.  Sliced them up, tossed them in cold water, dried, and tossed with coconut oil, curry powder and brown sugar.


As for the broccoli, I did it my favourite way!!  Roasting it!!  Tossed it onto the oven, drizzled with a wee bit of oil and salt/pepper.  Cooked until it turns slightly brown.  So good!

This whole meal took about 30 mins – if that.   And it was fantastic, easy and it was perfect for lunch the next day too! (with a little chilli sauce on the side)


What is your favourite quick/easy dinner?

Do you like seafood?

I’m a West Coast girl, through and through – I love it!

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  1. Prawns are so quick and delicious, I adore them. I love how they can perfectly match so many different flavors and cooking styles, and I really love how healthy they are! This meal looks incredible, as usual. You always manage to make me hungry.

  2. I never think of making favorite super quick meal is sauteing an assortment of veggies I have in my fridge, add whatever spices i'm in the mood for, scramble a couple eggs and throw it on top! I scramble it all together and make a big yummy mess :)

  3. Pita pizzas are my favourite quick and easy dinner. I made them on Wednesday :-)

    I ADORE seafood ... but I used to hate it when I was a kid.


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