Thursday, May 26, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone!

Sorry for the lack of recipes!  I have a bad cold and I hurt my back on the weekend, so I haven’t been much in the creating mood!

I don’t know where you guy are living, but I know here the sun is finally starting to shine and all the flowers are up and about!!   It makes me cheer up a wee bit!!


Cherry Blossoms!  Aren’t they so beautiful?


Another thing that is cheery - We were walking with the kids that I am working with yesterday in some trails and we came upon a baby owl!


Sorry the picture is so tiny, it was taken on a co-workers camera (Thanks Sandy)!!  But isn’t it beautiful?   The kids were SO excited and we even saw the mom in the tree’s behind them!

Here is a bigger one – can you spot it? (Another cell phone picture thanks to Cheryl!)

owl part 2

Lastly, Lance has been enjoying the nice weather too – he wakes up in the morning and heads outside until bedtime!!  He loves the warm sun!


and him and Chaos are still best buddies!  (And their shenanigans make me smile every day!)


Have a great Thursday – and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post – it’s about the awesome tour we took in Mazatlan!!

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  1. GORGEOUS photos. The blossoms really are stunning. The bright cheery color just screams SPRINGTIME! And oh my goodness, those pups are too cute!

  2. you take such lovely photos!!

  3. Our dogs are enjoying the warm weather too!!

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    Have a Happy Thursday! :0)

  4. Take care of your back - I know how bad those injuries can be!

  5. OH love the puppy pics....we just added on to our family with a new pup a few weeks ago. Here in ct it is finally warm...but with it comes the humidity. Can't wait for the ac in my school to finally kick on...nothing says the start of summer like a room full of 27 sweaty teenagers

  6. I love cherry blossoms so much, and really wish we had them here.

  7. Awe, love this beautiful post! Hugs!


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