Saturday, May 14, 2011

It’s a (Mediterranean) Wrap

Well here I am once again with a great dinner/lunch.  Super easy and full of flavour!

Med Wrap! DSC_0262

My favourite Middle Eastern place makes the BEST fresh flatbread.   They are SO tasty, and the charge $1 each.  Dave brought me one home last week and I was craving something wrappy and Greek flavoured.

I marinated my tofu in lemon juice, zaatar spice, oil, salt and pepper.

Then I grilled mushrooms, peppers, onions and the tofu on the bbq. 

Sliced it all up, tossed it with some balsamic vinegar.

Then I added everything into the wrap with some hummus and cucumbers


Wrapped it up and chowed down!!  It was SO good!!

For school the next day, I chopped up all the veggies and mixed all the veggies (including cucumber) and tofu with hummus and put it in a container and brought the wrap separately.  To eat it, I just used small pieces of the wrap to scoop up the mixture!

Great lunch, super quick, as you could BBQ everything and keep it stored in the fridge, add the hummus just before serving!


Do you like BBQed veggies?   My favourite are onions and green peppers!

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  1. That looks delicious! I absolutely love wraps! I am definitely going to make this one. And I too love grilled veggies- especially red onions and peppers of all colors. Thanks fo sharing!

  2. YEP, this looks PERFECT. I love my grilled veggies, I love flatbread (fresh, mmm!) and LOVE to grill tofu.

  3. I have been an awful commenter and you have been a wonderful one!! I love all your amazing things you write to me.

    And i love the looks of these veggies, 'fu, wraps..seriously well done!



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