Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Easy Snack

So I hope you guys enjoyed the cute dog post yesterday!!  How much fun are they!?

I made another Oh She Glows Recipe and it was a tasty treat!


Cheesy Crackers!

I made a few alterations though – using regular flour and I added Italian Spice to them too!


Mine were not nearly as pretty as her’s but I like a little uniqueness in my cooking… Winking smile  Sure that’s what they’ll tell them.

Guess what these crackers are good with?

My nut cheese recipe!!

PS. I’m testing out a seed cheese, since I can’t take the nut one to school!


I am thinking of making them with garbanzo bean flour and cumin for the spice! (Since I stink at making socca!)

Enjoy your Monday!!  I am off to my first day of practicum at a middle school today!!  6 weeks around kids, I’m so excited!! Then I graduate!! WOOO!!

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  1. Ooooh these look yummy! I really like cheese and crackers, nut cheese or dairy cheese! Nut cheese is so much fun to make since you can play around with the spices and texture. Looks good!

  2. These look super yummy! I really need to try nutritional yeast for that cheesy flavour.

  3. These look so great!

    I have never made my own crackers before but I love the idea! There is a recipe for "cheezy" crackers in the book Go Dairy Free that I have been eyeing for a while.

    Have a great day!

  4. Wow those crackers look so good and I just made my way over to her blog and saw how easy they look to make! I am totally going to make them! =) By the way I put your blog on my blog roll hope ya dont mind :)

  5. I am always impressed when people make their own crackers. I don't know if I will ever do it ... but maybe one day if I am feeling ambitious!


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