Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Big Earth

Hey guys!

Did you miss me?!

Just a quick post to let you in on some exciting news!!  If you follow me on twitter or on facebook you already know …

I got a free lance writing contract for an amazing lifestyle online magazine. Check it out!  Our Big Earth check it out, it’s a fantastic site, so much great information!!  I will be doing a monthly column on a family friendly (and allergy friendly) recipe!  So excited to join this fantastic team!

I promise this isn’t an April Fools joke…

I fell for one good already….  Starbucks pulled on over on me… Check it out!  I was  honestly a little shocked by the whole thing ;) REALLY?  Do you need a cup bigger than a Venti?  Glad it was a joke!

That’s all from me today! I have an AMAZING pasta recipe to share, but not yet ;)   Muahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa

With a pretty flower, I wish you a beautiful day!




  1. Some how I missed this on twitter!

    Congrats on the new gig!!

  2. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!! That is very exciting news!!! I am so happy for you girl :-) You deserve it!!

  3. i saw this on twitter but never responded but CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That Starbucks prank was great!!!
    And congrats again on the news! =)


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