Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exciting News!

Howdy guys!

So I have some SUPER fun news…

One of my very favourite bloggers (and friend) – Robyn, just finished 4 weeks at RAW CHEF SCHOOL!! I was excited for her, the stuff she made looked so amazinly fabulous!

Awhile back I emailed a local lady about her Raw Chef school training, and last night I got an email back and after a few back and forth emails I am officially doing the basic raw food class in June – I asked her if I could document the process to share with my lovely readers, and she said YES!. YAY!!! :)   After that I have the opportunity to do 2 other courses to become a Raw Certified Chef!

It’s within driving distance and goes from 7:45 (because I am the helper) until 8:00pm for 4 days.   SO EXCITING!! 

I don’t plan on going 100% raw, but I really enjoy raw recipes and have always wanted to do cooking classes!!  Especially ones where I know I don’t have to worry about their being any dairy!!

If you are close and want to come with me email me!!! I would love to have a partner in crime to come with me!!  


Also, I have wedding dress photos, but because I don’t want random people checking them out, shoot me at email blogname (at) that hot place dot com, and if I know you, and you know me I’ll send you the link!!  (Ps. I already emailed a few of you that I email with regularly!)

No pictures today from this little lady… you’ll have to email me for the good stuff! 

What are your thoughts on Raw foods???


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to read about the class!!! My thoughts on raw foods are awesome, electric and energy! 3 things I feel with a high raw diet! :)

  2. Congratulations! How exciting :)

    My thoughts on raw food - I initially got into raw recipes because most are are vegan and gluten-free, and now eat more raw than I did before.

  3. Congrats girl! I think learning more about raw foods is great! I think you will enjoy the class. Can't wait to see what you learn!

  4. hey mama, thanks for the super sweet comment!

    love the raw chef fun!!!!!!

    massaged kale, gena of choosing raw posted about it maybe a yr ago with avo. I always have massaged my kale with tons of slaw dressing and that's my total go to food. yum!

    those OSG fries, she actually took that recipe from Ricki of Diet and Dessert Dogs. I know, so many layers in the sphere of recipes and where they came from!

    The wedding happy you got one, you are going to be the most beautiful bride!!!!!

  5. I don't know a lot about the raw food movement, but I would love to learn more!! I have heard that the food can be warmed a little bit, or something like that to still be considered raw ... but?? I have no idea!

  6. Ahhh! Now THAT is SOOOOOOOOO COOL! I've always wanted to go to culinary school, but ever since discovering the world of raw foodism, I'd love so hard to go to raw culinary school. Amazing amazing amazing! I bet you're going to learn a really useful arsenal of cooking techniques - I always think of vegan cooking techniques to be the perfect compliment to my and my boyfriend's dairy free life, I don't eat any animal products and he doesn't eat dairy but learning how to do all the vegan substitutes makes it easier to create a wider variety of dishes... Anyway thats so awesome I can't wait to read alll about it!!

  7. very cool! I've been doing a lot of raw 'pasta' lately and an avocado pudding that my daughter adores.


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