Monday, May 17, 2010

Newfoundland Part 2

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of posting, we have just been meeting up with friends and doing some shopping!!   Nothing super blog-able!!

Last night though we went up to Signal Hill!

I will go again and take better pictures, it was starting to get dark.

Click on the photos to see them larger!!

IMG_0018 IMG_0016


View of Downtown St. John’s



The other direction…


IMG_0023 haha I look bald in this picture too!!

So pretty up here, but soooo chilly!!


There have also been some good eats!! I’ve been trying to stuff in as much veggies/fruit as possible… so far so good…

Lunch – spinach/romaine salad with chicken and mandarin oranges – so good, and I couldn’t finish it, it was too huge!! 

IMG_0009 D had his 2 favourite Newfoundland tradition…



Garlic cheese fingers and a Black Horse Beer…


The next day  we went for breakfast at Cora’s with some friends– I have heard about Coras from other East Coast bloggers… I was excited – but had no idea what to expect…

This was amazing – bagel with lox/capers (no cream cheese/butter) and so much fruit…  I ended up taking home 1/2 the fruit because there was just too much!!  Beautiful hey?  I can’t wait to go back!

IMG_0015 mmmm so good!!

We haven’t been eating much because we have been waking up late (12 ish due to the time difference still) and have brunch and then dinner later…. plus I have tons of tasty healthy snacks stored away in our room!! :)


Other than that, we have been strolling down George Street –which is loaded with a million bars… this is it while quite…


about 2 hours later it was jam packed with drunk folk… haha

Anywhoo… I am looking for a few more guest posters, so if you are interested let me know through here, twitter or email!! :)



  1. Looks like it was fun! The food looked so yummy...and no, you didn't look bald. ;-)

  2. Hi Jess! How are you honey! Thanks for your super sweet comment today and i love your blog in that it doesnt only show food! I love that it's a travel, lifestyle, what's relevant to your life NOW kind of blog..that's what's fun!

    Have a super day and if/when you ever have kids, your kids are guaranteed to be blond/blue eyed...and beautiful :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love seeing photos of bloggers' travels :) And that breakfast spread looks insanely good!

  4. What beautiful pictures. Looks like a great trip!


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