Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Recap!


Hoping you guys all had a fab weekend!!

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The weekend started out with



Thanks hunny!! 

Then it was off to wings with friends – I had 10 salt and pepper wings and a bowl jam packed full of veggie/wonton soup.  Fun night!! Sadly they are moving away, but we love them anyways! :)


Saturday  started off with an egg sandwich…


Egg and spinach on a whole wheat bun…


It was delicious until I realize (at my last bite) that the bun was moldy…………………    grosssssssssss


Then it was wedding dress shopping for another one of my friends getting married this year!! (Have I mentioned 2 of my best girlfriends are getting married in the next year too!)

Then we went shoe shopping for my bridesmaids… these are the shoes we picked out (remember the whole wedding is on sand)



to possibly go with these dresses!

bridesmaids dress cropped

Hopefully these dresses go with my dress!!  (Will know tomorrow!)  because one of my bridesmaids found them for $19.99!!! WOO HOO!  She said they are gorgeous fabric too!

After we got home from wedding mania it was dinner time!


Sunday morning I had some beautiful oatmeal!


and made some of Mama Pea’s peanut butter and jelly cereal, I have been so inspired by her recipes lately!!  And she is now writing a book!!!  Congrats Mama Pea!!

This stuff is awesome!!


After all this food, I decided I needed to hike it off… So I convinced my friend Ang to come for a hike with me!!

It’s such a beautiful place… it starts off at a hyrdo station


then you hike up to this gorgeous bridge with an amazing view!




Lance wasn’t a fan of the bridge – he needed some bribing…  isn’t my bobble head doggie cute!?! haha



Thanks for coming Ang!!

After this… I’m not going to lie… I laid on the couch and watched chick flicks – aka – DEAR JOHN… so good… and let’s just point out Chatum Tanning is so super dreamy.. *drools*


(Sorry Dave, I’m add him to my list)

I also ate some yummy chocolate


This was sent in my huge package from Global Health – it’s DELICIOUS!!   With just a hint of Earl Grey Tea… sooo good!!

Anyways, that’s all from me, I’m sure you are tired of reading anyways!! :) This turned into a massive post!!  haha

Have an awessssssssssome Monday!!!

xo Jess

ps. I haven’t told you guys lately, but you are all so fabulous!  I love being able to write you back when you ask me a question too, so try to add your email address when posting!! 



  1. LMFAO @ "Sorry Dave, I'm adding him to my list" - amazing.

    Moldy bread? Ew! I hope you're feeling okay!!

    Also, those shoes are basically perfect for a beach wedding. Last spring when I was in Miami I witnessed a beach wedding where all the girls were in heels! It was ridiculous!

  2. Looks like a lovely hike! We're heading to Banff this weekend where I fully intend to get my hiking boots dirty!


  3. Love the bride's maids shoes, they are super cute! And so is Channing Tatum for that matter! ;)

  4. Yay for a great weekend!! Love the shoes and dresses!

  5. Gotta love a weekend that starts out with flowers! ;)

  6. OH. MY. The Mold!!! I would have died!!! I am SO paranoid about things being old, I wouldn't be able to eat bread again!!!

  7. Haha! I love your dog, he is too cute lol!


  8. Our old dog hated those metal bridges too. Big baby!!!

    Those dresses are awesome for $20!! I hope they work out for you!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! Flower are amazing =)

  10. Those shoes for the bridesmaids are super cute! I gave all of my bridesmaids a color swatch and said "go find a dress that you like, that you'll wear again, that makes you feel pretty." One girl actually made her dress... because she's insane.


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