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Get to know you ~ Erin

Good morning guys!  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my mama, who reads my blog *love*  and to all my other mama friends ~ I hope your day is beautiful!


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And for today, another exciting “Getting to know you” post today!! 

Erin Coates RD.,LD from


How long have you been a reader of Dairy Free Betty and what keeps you coming back?

I discovered this blog about a month ago and was initially attracted to the bright colors on the homepage! I am a sucker for scenery ha. But I also enjoy reading because of the fun, upbeat attitude. It puts me in a good mood when I've had a bad day. :)

What inspired you to start blogging (if you have a blog)?

Well, after I moved in with my now husband, I really wanted to start cooking new and interesting foods. That's when I discovered baking and cooking blogs. I fell in love and got obsessed. I knew I wanted to create one myself, but I wanted it to be different by incorporating my dietetic knowledge. So I started blogging about how I would experiment with recipes to make them healthier, answering nutritional questions people have, and just give fun, easy tips for living healthier. I hope to create an online weight-loss program eventually !

Give us a quick bio of who you are?

I am a registered dietician and love all things wellness, health, food, and nutrition. I enjoy shopping (who doesn't) and I am more enthused about Bravo TV than I am about the local news (sad). I could eat hummus every day of my life and never get sick of it and oysters are the one food that I have only tried once and will swear off FOREVER! My idea of the perfect day is getting up a lazy Sunday  morning, making breakfast for my husband, and going grocery shopping in the afternoon. If we go to Whole Foods, you can bet I will blow my whole pay check ha. I love hearing from readers and interacting with others bloggers! I'm so grateful to Jessica for letting me guest post!

What are 3 foods that you always have in your house?

Hummus, whole wheat pitas, natural peanut butter

Favourite recipe? (provide link if you have it)

Lightened Up Fettuccine Alfredo by Cooking Light!

Tastes just like the full fat version!

What is your food eating style? (Whatever I see; clean; veggie; vegan; etc)

I am mostly vegetarian but I cannot swear off any food groups!! Just chemically enhanced products!

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life… what would it be?

pizza!! It's so versatile!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

I would pick purple...I look good in it lol

If I gave you a million dollars, and I told you that you had to spend it in 1 week – what would you do with it?

I know the RIGHT answer should be to donate it in some way...but let's be more fun (and honest)...I would buy my hubby and I a house, take a vacation across Europe, help both my husband and I's parents, pay off their houses, and go on a serious grocery shopping spree. :)

If you could have one super hero quality – what would it be, and why?

I would love to be able to read people's minds (especially when I was younger and wanted to know if certain boys liked me) but I would want to be able to control it so that I wouldn't hear people all the time.

List 3 of your favourite blogs with links…

Besides "Dairy Free Betty..."

Smitten Kitchen ( She has AWESOME recipes!

The Edible Perspective ( She's so fun to read!

Brown Eyed Baker ( She is hilarious and helped me make my first homemade brownie from scratch that tasted GOOD!



Thanks so much Erin!! 

I hope you guys get a chance to check our her blog!

I can’t wait to share my blog post with you tomorrow,  I spent Saturday at a pretty little winery near here, and took tons of beautiful pictures!! :)


  1. Love your blog...I going to add your blog to my blogroll.


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