Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sprout – St. John’s

G’day to you!

What’s new and exciting!?!? I miss hearing from you guys!!  I’ve been reading all my regular blogs, just haven’t been commenting mucho... 

I’m still not feeling myself, the 4.5 hour time difference is still kicking my bootay (a week later)!!    We haven’t been getting to bed before 2amish and then up by 8:00am…  brutal… I’m one tired (dairy free) cookie!!


Anywhoo.. onto the post… so much to write about, so little time!!

I don’t know if you every use HAPPY COW – but it’s a fantastic resource for finding vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants all over the world – there are also fantastic recipes on the site too!  (Even if you aren’t Veggie, most of the places are super healthy too)

I used it before we left for a trip, and chuckled when I found out that Newfoundland has 1 vegetarian/vegan friend restaurant, for the entire province!

Of course I begged and pleaded with Dave to come with me!!  He must love me, because it’s tricky to get him to eat a meatless meal!!

IMG_0046 it got great reviews on Happy Cow, so I knew we had to check it out!! 

It was a super cute place, and in true St. John’s fashion, it was inside a colorful, heritage style building!

IMG_0045Apparently we were lucky to get there early enough to get a window right in the sunshine…


a few minutes after we arrived, a line up started and the place was packed!!  

So we just enjoyed the warm sunshine… while waiting for our lunch!

IMG_0049  IMG_0050 The menu was large, with tons of awesome choices… I got a little flustered to be honest, because I didn’t know what to order, too many options! !!

I ended up getting the “Olive It” Sandwich with a fruit beet salad on the side.  It was clearly huge!!  


The sandwich was full of olive and sundried tomatoe tapenade.  I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the sandwich, it was a little to olivey for me – not sure what I was expecting, but the beet salad was amazing – note to self, make a beet salad with fruit… and balsamic dressing!


and D got the vegetarian chilli… 

IMG_0055 He really enjoyed it, even san’s meat!! 


Cute side story – while we were waiting for our meal to come I noticed a little drawer in the table, when I opened it, I was excited to see a whole bunch of little notes…   here were my favourites…

Click to make larger – the stories are super cute!!


of course I wrote one myself… but you’ll have to go to the restaurant to see what I wrote ;)

All in all – the restaurant was a great experience, I wouldn’t order that sandwich again, but there was tons on the menu I was dying to try!!

Before I forget… I also bought a vegan brownie from there…

DSC_1335  let’s just say, it’s worth the trip to Newfoundland for this little darling…

DSC_1334 Best brownie ever, hands down…

I was also super impressed with the prices – for 2 meals, plus a side salad  and a brownie, it came to under $20!!!  Gotta love that!

Thanks Sprout – great meal – I hope to make it back to visit again soon!!


Hope you guys are having a lovely day!!

I would love to hear from you… my comment section has been super quite and lonely lately!!  Come say hi!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I have always wanted to visit NewFoundland. Now that I am living in Nova Scotia I just might get to :)
    And if I do go I will definitely be checking out The Sprout.
    That is crazy that your meal came to under $20!
    What a cute story...

  2. OMG that little building the restaurant is in is ADORABLE. this totally looks like my kind of place!

    i'm so having food envy over your meal :)

    I hope your trip is going wonderfully!!

  3. Wow...I am late but the new look, love it girl! I know how changes can take a TON of time and your changes look awesome!

    and that brownie...ill take a half dozen :)

  4. Awww, looks and sounds like a cute little joint! Vegan brownies are so yummy :)

    glad you are enjoying!

  5. What a great little place.. the chili looks amazing!! I've never made meatless chili, but sounds like a great meal. Hope you guys had a great time!

  6. I have been craving brownies for like 3 weeks - I seriously need to make some this week!! That brownie is going to make my head explode just from the pic. Not fair!


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