Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Massage your kale…

A few weeks ago I read a blog post about massaged kale salad with avocado dressing… I have been dreaming about it ever since…  Then of course when I went to find it, I couldn’t remember who the brilliant lady was behind the salad…

So I created my own…

Wash kale and put in a large bowl – add in chopped (small) onion, 1/4 avocado, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper and lime juice and start massaging… (yes, I realize this sounds funny, but just get in there and use your hands!! )

DSC_1262 Check out the size of the pit of this avocado – I was a little sad, because my avocado ended up being teeny tiny!!


After I was all done, I went onto twitter and realized people had sent me the link to the lovely Healthy Ashley’s salad (the source of my inspiration)!!!  I was close, but her sounds a bit better… will have to try it!!

It was delicious!!   I topped it with tomatoes!!!


What are those delicious looking sweet potatoes you ask???

I got the recipe from here!  And she got the inspiration from here!    They are originally Oh She Glows “These fries will change your life” fries!! haha   “Nut butter encrusted parsnip fries”  Wow was that confusing or what?

End verdict both things were delicious and amazingly kept me full for hours!


Angela @ Oh She Glows originally made them with parsnips and I think I might give it a shot!!


I’ve also patiently been awaiting the arrival of the bridesmaids dresses…. and guess what… they are here!!


I know you guys saw pictures yesterday, but now that I have them I am just so happy!! They are beautiful and very light fabric, so the girls won’t die in the heat!!    I bought myself one too, possibly for a Gala we are going to in Newfoundland!!

Guess what… you’re going to get to see them tomorrow on my blog WITH my wedding dress!!!  Because I am going to try it on in 3.5 hours and pray it comes in white!! :)


Before I leave… a question that I have been chuckling about since someone asked it…

How do you keep your house so clean?  haha I have to laugh at this one… Those pictures were taken for our real estate agent, for selling our house.   It’s typically pretty clean, but not as clean as this! :)  


Anywhoo… that’s all from me, I’m going to sit outside in the sunshine for awhile!! 

Question of the day for you -

How many hours did you have your photographer for at your wedding… Any tips/thoughts about it??

I am looking into a 3 or a 6 hour package – and will probably only have about 30 guests!! :)





  1. Hey girl - I have been wanting to try massaged kale, but have been just a tad bit afraid of the possible bitterness factor. I've been braising in OJ instead. Glad you enjoyed it! We got very lucky with our wedding. We had a couple who were friends and both photographers do ours. All we paid for was film and developing.

  2. We had them all day ... they didn't charge by the hour, but instead by the event (ceremony, formal photo shoot, reception ...).

    I liked the idea of them being there for the dance etc. to take candid shots - but unfortunately our photographers spent more time dancing themselves than they did shooting :-(

  3. Hey Love!

    This dinner looks so great! I love "fries" with my salads. Kale salad is such a good meal with all the high proteins in it!

    Haha, massaging the kale is very good ;)

    Your wedding is going to be so beautiful and you are going to be the most beautiful bride!!

  4. you know, i've heard of massaged kale salad but have yet to try it. i really enjoy kale and i'm a massage therapist so i can see this working out fabulously ;) love your blog! hugs!!

  5. Our wedding photographer was/is a good friend of mine, so she was there for the rehearsal as well as from the time I started getting ready until we left for our honeymoon. I think you mentioned it's going to be a shorter ceremony and if that's the case then there will be plenty of time for candid reception shots.

  6. My mom had the photographer from before the ceremony until after the party - six or seven hours. We have allll kinds of junk photographed1

    Loooove massaged kale! I gotta try out nooch real soon, and try this recipe!

    Caaannnotttt wait to see your dress!!


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