Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May’s Yoga Pose

Hey guys!

Tina from Carrot’s and Cake and Kate (so sorrrrrrrry, I can't remember which blog you are from…) have been doing a Yoga Pose for all of May… A different pose for every day!! 

I was chosen to do the Half Moon pose!  I don’t do yoga often, but I sure had fun taking these pictures!!     They are at the top of Signal Hill in St. John’s Newfoundland!!

Where is Dairy Free Betty??  haha DSC_1345

DSC_1343 You wouldn’t imagine how much laughing happened as a bumbled through getting into this pose… it’s awkward on rocks! ha ha



May not have perfect form, but I am not a yogi!! haha

I even convinced Dave to give it a go!!


Give this pose a try at home!  I was surprise at how hard it actually was!!   I can’t do it at all on my left side (I need a block I think!)  Something to practice for sure!!

Thanks Tina and Kate for this opportunity, it was tons of fun!!



  1. I kind of love this post! It made me smile! :o)

  2. Ha, I love that you and Dave both struck the pose! ;)

  3. hahaha I just tried to do half moon and fell right over onto my cat! this is the pose i have a lot of trouble with! you look awesome though!!

  4. Love your half moon photos! Its :)


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