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Food that saved me!

Good morning!!

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Now onto food!!

I knew we’d be spending lots of time travelling, as well as the last time we were here, my eating wasn’t the healthiest, due to eating out at restaurants and at friends/family places.

So I knew I needed a game plan!!

This was my first big trip since having my dairy allergy, as well as I have been eating super healthy for the past few months, so I knew I had to keep my diet as close to possible, to avoid stomach troubles…

I was super excited a few days before I left Vega came out with a new product…  I ran out and bought it a few hours before leaving!


Shake and Go Smoothie – this stuff is fantastic!!   As long as you have a cup, water and this stuff you are set.   Put in 2 TBSP, with water shake and you have yourself a nutritional jam packed smoothie!

I won’t be leaving  without this stuff on a trip again, so easy.  It also helped me  not go out for breakfast every morning when we were at the hotel.

Since I’ve been at D. parents place, I also made a GM with this – 1 banana, strawberries, spinach, water and 1 scoop of this stuff.  Such a great smoothie!


The second thing that saved me was this… Chia Goodness!!


When Jason at Global Health sent me this stuff, I knew it would be perfect for this trip as well.  Again all you need is water, a cup and this… let is sit for a few mins and you get a chia seedy fabulous breakfast!! Best of all it’s GLUETEN free and VEGAN!   I will be buying this product again, it’s quick and easy and as the one above perfect for travelling.

The taste is chocolately and it has chunks of dates in it, that are so good!!


Another thing was, when we found a good restarant we went back a few times… especially since I got so much fruit (that I kept for a snack later)

Dave’s Breaky


My breakfast – mmmmmm I love lox!!


My left overs for later!!



Another thing we did as soon as we got there was head to Costco and a grocery store!!  At costco I picked up the best travelling companions a girl could ask for…

Mini – 100 calorie hummus containers – the package came with 12 for about $6 – so it’s perfect.

The hummus is no Sabre – but it’s good enough that I will buy again!! 


I also brought a container of Earth Balance butter, and small tetra packs of rice milk….  I’ve also been subbing salad for French fries in the restaurants, drinking lots of water and tea (ginger and peppermint) … and so far so good… my stomach is doing alright!!


Do you eat healthy when you are travelling?  If so, what are your tricks of the trade??

Stay tuned in the next few days for a guest poster’s trips on how to travel healthy!!

Have a great day!



  1. I always stock up on "stuff" I need when I travel - fruits and veg and stuff. Always bring it with me. Other than that, I try not to let "not being in my comfort zone" be my excuse for not eating healthfully the way I prefer in regular life. I mean, I don't even want to eat a slice of pizza in my normal every day life, why should I suddenly just ant to or need to indulge in something just because I'm on vacation? Indulging is good, in little bits, but I don't know why people always automatically say, "You're on vacation! Indulge!" My vacation is to get away from my stresses of life, and my healthy diet is one of the things that beats back the stress,s o why would I want to let it go?

  2. I definitely try to eat healthy while traveling. I make sure I have plenty of Kashi granola bars, fruit, and Clif bars just in case. We typically stay in condos with kitchens so I make sure that I either bring homemade veggie burgers or that the area has a decent grocery store that will carry some veggie products.

  3. It all looks so great! Especially that shake and go smoothie. Genius!

    I eat pretty much the same when I'm traveling as I do when I'm at home. That is because no matter where I am I eat exactly what I want exactly when I want it!

  4. Thanks for the great travelling and eating healthy tips. Sounds like you are having a nice trip - enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

  5. I use Chia Goodness Original all the time! I put it in oatmeal, oatmeal pancakes, and in my "I Don't Want to be a Lawyer Anymore" cookies! lol

    We also try to eat healthfully while away. A lot of times we eat bars, yogurt, and fruits. We will also have grocery store based foods.

  6. All that fruit looks so good...nice job trying to stay healthy while traveling...OLE!

  7. I eat whatever I want when I am traveling, whether it is healthy or not - just whatever I feel like. I definitely watch my portions though.

  8. My goodness that breakfast plate looks unreal! LOVE IT!

  9. The chia chocolate cereal sounds great :)

    To be honest..when I travel..I like to sample the local food..even if it's bad lol. I try to keep it all in moderation!


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