Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A few tasty treats!

Bonjour my lovely blog readers…

I have some tasty treats in store for you today.

First off a few people asked me how to make Guinness Fried Onions!! 


Heat a pan with oil, toss in one onion and a splash of water.  SautĂ© away until the water is gone, then add in about 1/4 cup of Guinness.  Once the beer has evaporated add more, until about have used most of the can of beer.  Sprinkle with some salt… Delish!  They get super caramelized and delicious!

DSC_1383 _____________________________________

I got inspired the other day and finally made some “Cashew Cream”


Into the food processor went about 2/3 cup of cashews, 2 TBSP maple syrup, 1 tsp vanilla and enough water to puree until creamy.

Then pour over fresh fruit, or oatmeal….





last but not least… last week Jocelyn @ Jocelyn Eats Fresh tweeted a recipe for BROWNIE in a cup…

Hello… it took about 2 mins to get ready and about 2 mins to cook…  Then I topped it with banana soft serve…

Hello Gorgeous…  This was fantastic…


Very chocolately…  Check out the recipe here

Make it, you won’t be disappointed!! :)


I promise I have been eating other things besides sweets, but none of them have been tasty enough to blog about!!

I am off to a lovely pedicure now (I haven’t had one in  forever)  Thanks Amanda for the GC!!!

Last day to enter my Glass Dharma Giveaway, don’t miss out!!

Question of the day!!  We are traveling to the East Coast very soon… Wondering what your healthy food traveling tips are?  What to do you bring to eat on the plane etc???



  1. guinness fried onions? i think my boyfriend can get behind that one...

    when it comes to traveling, i try not to get overwhelmed and make a huge deal out of food or anything. there are healthy options EVERYWHERE you go, usually available to you with little-to-no effort. I just live the same way I live at home, just, in a different place. And maybe I indulge a few times more. Since it's a vacation, eventually I'll get back to real life and get back on the wagon, if I fell off! That said, I ALWAYS try to bring fruit and some Ilana-friendly snacks with me because my family is HUGE on the "how come you arent eating XYZ" pressure and it makes me nuts.


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