Friday, May 28, 2010

A little hike!

We have started the journey home now, so I will leave you with some pictures of our little hike we went on… beautiful place, beautiful views and a beautiful waterfall!



There were lots and lots of stairs!! 



More stairs!!





The view down the stairs…



Pooped after the hike, I came home and made a delicious green smoothie!!

DSC_1498 One of the best ones I’ve had – Spinach, 1 frozen banana, strawberries, rice milk and a scoop of Vega shake and go!!  MMM


Sorry I don’t have more food photos – D’s Nan has been cooking all our meals, and I don’t think she’d understand what I meant when I said I write a food blog, and I don’t want to offend her at all.

Meals so far has been (Everything homemade) Everything is amazing!!

  • Pea soup with fresh bread (sooo good)
  • Moose stew with “dough boys” (bread boiled in stew)
  • Cooked Supper – turkey with dressing, boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes, bread pudding and gravy.
  • Tautens  (deep fried bread with (earth balance) butter and molasses (I only had one I swear… I could have eaten them all, but I didn’t!)

She has also made tons of deserts (which I can’t eat, but they looked amazing)

  • 5 pies (apricot, raspberry, lemon meringue, coconut cream and bosons berry.
  • Cookies, chocolate cake and I’m probably forgetting something,  but she is an amazing cook!!

Hope you are enjoying this!!  There will be food pictures when I get back since I will be doing a basic raw foods course for 4 days!

Do you have a family recipe you love???  Share away!!


  1. so glad you are enjoying your trip!

    I have photos for a guest post for you but clearly I suck at getting it written and handed in. Please let me know if you can still use it!!

  2. Those stairs look like a really fun workout!

  3. That looks like an amazing hike! How far? How long did it take? OMIGOD, those stairs....


  4. There is nothing better than a nice peacefull walk through nature's beauty. I sure miss those wonderful hikes & my legs have failed me and with my steel braces I am unable to walk long distances. I have severe crippling R. Arthritis and it has destroyed my ankles.

  5. I love the smoothie pic!!

    My favourite family recipe is my great-grandma's potato soup.

  6. Aw, all your homemade food sounds delish and your photos are beautiful. Going home must feel bitter sweet. Time to go home back to normal life but I bet your holiday was lovely :)

  7. wow, looks absolutely gorgeous! and all that home-cooked goodness?? I'm so jealous :) sounds delish!


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