Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get to know you (me) Huh??

First off…. the winner of the lovely Glass Dharma gift certificate! 

winner2 which is…


I am SOOOO happy she won, she was convinced that she was going to win it too!! haha… I chuckled when I found out it was her!! Ali – I will send your info off to Glass Dharma after I hit publish!! :)

Lots more good giveaways coming up soon guys!!


Since I haven’t been feeling well the last few days… and haven’t eaten a single thing fun at all…  I decided to do the get to know you (me?) section!!  I am loving the “get to know you” part of my blog!!  And I was thinking that these would be fun questions for me to answer too!!

What is your name?  Jessica

Blog addy if you have one? I think you may know this already.

What inspired you to start blogging? Oh She Glows, hands down.  I found her so interesting!

Give us a quick bio of who you are? 30, engaged (Wedding in February), cute doggie, currently somewhat unemployed (working some random jobs here and here), going back to school full time in September (super nervous),  dairy free (bet you didn’t know that one? haha)

What are 3 foods that you always have in your house? Eggs, popcorn kernels, typically kale!

Favourite recipe? (provide link if you have it) I have a tie right now,  My red thai curry recipe and Averies Raw Cookie Dough Balls.

What is your food eating style? (Whatever I see; clean; veggie; vegan; etc)  I’m not a labels kinda girl.  Of course I am dairy free, I try to eat clean, but let’s be honest, no body is perfect.  I try to stick to healthy foods (and I mostly do) but my mouth waters when D has garlicy, cheesey pizza bread….  mmmm

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life… what would it be? Sushi… hands down… bring it on… (with spicy mayo please)

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why? Hot pink!!!  Because I just love that color and it explains my personality!

If I gave you a million dollars, and I told you that you had to spend it in 1 week – what would you do with it? Travellllllllllllll… white sandy beaches, Buddha-ful places (like Thailand) – Then come home and pay off all zeee bills… and maybe a few other peoples too!!

If you could have one super hero quality – what would it be, and why? I want the ability to save the world!  No big deal. 

If you were having a “themed” dinner part – what would be the theme, and what would you cook? My favourite restaurant experiences was definitely Moroccan.  If I had all the money in the world, I would transform my living room into a Moroccan tent – pillows, carpets – luxury. Hand washing between each meal…    For dinner I would make the lovely pickled veggie salads, the soup, Couscous and a lamb tangine.  Followed by desert and fresh mint tea. 

List 3 of your favourite blogs with links…  I love a lot of blogs… but I get excited when the following are updated lately.  And I want to make sure it’s blogs I don’t chit chat about on a regular basis (Mama Pea, Oh She Glows and Girl on Raw) because you all know I love these guys!!

So here are 3 new ones!

#1 Chloe @ Naturally Frugal  just got engaged, so of course I am extra loving her’s right now!! Go give your congrats!! (Their story is super cute)

#2 Run Sarah is a new blogger I’ve “met” through the BC Blogger get together we are planning for this summer!! (Email me if you want the details) -  She details all the yummy veggie food she eats and it looks amazing!!

#3 Tracy at Tropical Happiness – she is just a lovely person… her blog is fun and upbeat – and right now she has a wedding recap (it was her anniversary yesterday) and she was a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

-This is an extra because EVERY food blogger should see this website…  Tastespotting – most amazing/inspiring photos eva!!


Probably won’t see a blog post from me tomorrow – we are starting out long journey to Newfoundland (West Coast – East Coast!!)

Lots left to do – finish packing, return some stuff, pick up more invitations, see if I can find Vega’s new shake and go product…(high on my list).   Plus we have friends staying at our house while we are gone, so have to spend the day cleaning up for their stay… – haha they jumped at the chance to be in a house with a hot tub and backyard!!

I do have a bunch of guest bloggers lined up for you guys though!! And I will be doing random posts while we are gone!! 

Ciao for now my dears!!



  1. Ahh you're so cute! And yes, Thailand is AMAZING, and also doesn't cost a bajillion dollars thank goodness. You DEFINITELY should go there in your lifetime. AKA now.

    Have a safe trip lovely!!

  2. I could eat sushi all day too! Yum! Have fun traveling.

  3. Awwwww thanks!!!! You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, you are too sweet for letting others know about my blog! Thanks Jessica!

  5. it was fun getting to know you better!

  6. so cute :)
    love knowing more about you!!


  7. Fun quiz!!! Thanks for the links to the new blogs too!!

  8. I love these!! Its so fun to get to know other bloggers better. Especially since I only "met" you last night! :)

  9. Have a beautiful safe trip!!

    I love reading this questions and answers to get to know you more! How fun!

    I would be a hot pink crayon too ;) Just seems so "me" and you as well!



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