Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A blogger survey

Apparently this is floating around blog world.  I got it from my single most committed commenter!! Jolene @ Every Day Foodie

Favorite food to crunch - Tortilla chips in some yummy guacamole! ( I agree Jolene!!)
Favorite comfort food - Really anything home cooked!! Dave's Nan's pea soup?!
Favorite picnic lunch - Mmmm.. I haven't had a picnic in forever, these would be the things though - Different meats, breads, spreads, veggies, olives, chocolate dipped stuff, guacomole......  Yum
Best summer snack -Fresh salad rolls full of veggies, mangos and fresh herbs, dipped in peanut sauce
Favorite winter snack - Chai Latte, fresh baking

Food that reminds me of the ocean - Anything from the ocean?  haha weird question!
Most likely to eat for lunch - What i would most likely WANT to eat - sushi.. handsdown.
Least likely to eat for lunch - heavy meat stuff
Food that makes me gag - cooked carrots (ewh) I can't think of anything else right now
Food tradition I love - Newfie food!!!  I could eat it forever.. so warming and delicious! 
We used to always have eggs benny around Christmas, but not anymore...
Soup or salad - Soup for sure.
Favorite breakfast food - 2 eggs, toast and ketchup... haha..  or toasted everything bagel, egg and ketchup..  yum!!
Favorite ethnic cuisine - Sushi of course...  and I love curry.

Favorite vegan ice cream flavor -No sure if it's vegan, but I just have plain vanilla so good ice cream with peanut butter, chocolate sauce and dried cranberries -  don't knock it til you try it *drools*
Favorite type of chocolate - I love any chocolate that I can eat!! :)   
Favorite beverage - Cold water and good green tea
Smooth or crunchy peanut butter - crunchy all the way baby!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out girl!!
    I have never had Newfie food!! What exactly do Newfies eat? :-)


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