Friday, November 27, 2009

Want to come for a walk with me?

Hey guys,
So after over a week of pouring rain and wind, we finally had a somewhat sunny day here on the West Coast.  I jumped at the opportunity to go for a long walk!!   It was so beautiful, and I didn't run into a single person.

Take a walk with me...

What is that big bright thing in the sky?

Look at all the beautiful moss hanging from the trees. 
The pictures don't do it justice.  The moss almost glows!
More moss...

The trail that leads home... this trail is only 2 minute walk from my front door...

I really tried to take it all in, I walk through these trails all the time and don't even notice my surroundings.
This time when I walked I listening to all the little birdies, felt the mud squishing under my feet, noticed all the little rain drops on the trees... It was fantastic. 

I also got an email from a fabulous friend this morning.  We reunited this summer, and it was so great to see her and I just got an email telling me she is reading (and loving) my blog!! Yay Tisha, i miss you soooo much!!   I tried to find an "old school" picture of us, but couldn't find one! boo

Anywhoo.. no food news this morning.   I ate pub food last night and LOVED IT.  French fries and burger smothered in guacamole.. hehe...    I ate healthy all morning... but then had some greasy goodness for (a very late) dinner.     It was good, but I won't be doing it again soon!!

Have a great day, I'm off for a lunch/shopping date with my hunny!!
Here's one of my favorite pictures of us.  Thanks to Megan Brown Photography!!


  1. Such great photos! Great to "meet" you as well. I look forward to sharing ideas :) Kelly @the picky plate

  2. Wow - what a place to live! I wish I lived two minutes from scenery like that :-)

  3. Hey some great photos here! Especially the one at the end of you and your guy. Very nice indeed. That's a keeper. Print it out if you haven't already :)

  4. I love these pictures. Nothing beats a relaxing walk in the woods! And thanks for your comment-- let's definitely chat about a US/Canada exchange!


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