Friday, November 13, 2009


Hey guys,
So i'm feeling a wee bit better, the flu part is gone, now I just have a really bad cold.   I haven't been eating too much... so not too much to report.  The weirdest thing though.  Any bread products I've had (which is really the only think I 've been eating)  has smelt and tasted like rubbing alcohol...  so strange... and I've tried a few different things.  Must just be my stuffed up nose!!

I felt so lucky last night when I walked past Dave's office and saw this sweetness.  I snuck back into the kitchen to grab my camera and snap this picture.

How sweet are they??   I'm a lucky girl.

Anyways, I promise to write more soon, once I start eating more than toast!!  I started craving sushi today, so that's a good sign!!    I'll also have to post some of the yummy food that my work mama is bringing me!!   I heard it was chicken soup and berry crumble...  Thanks Karen (even though I'm not working there anymore, she still takes care of me!!)

PS.  I found out why my green monster went jellyish.  BLUEBERRIES!!  After reading a few other people's blogs, I found out that for some reason when blueberries are blended, they turn into a sort of jelly!!  Who knew??

Big hugs!

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  1. I use blueberries in mine sometimes, and they don't turn gelly-ish ... maybe I am using more liquid.


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