Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yummy Dinner!!!!!!

I think I may have died and gone to Heaven!!  I just made the most AMAZING pasta dish. YUM!!
Here were the ingredients

Whole Wheat Pasta
Organic Sweetie cherry tomatoes
Marinated Artichokes
Chicken Spolumbo Sausage - so good, no fillers!!
Sun dried tomatoes (did not use I couldn't get it open boo)
Spinach (also didn't use because I need them for my green monsters)
Sun dried tomato gourmet mayo- amazing

Things to add next time;
Roasted Garlic
Roasted peppers/zuchinni

I cooked up the sausage and pasta and then tossed it all together...

Then I mixed in the mayo about 2 tbsp - It's hard to find "creamy" pasta sauce that has no dairy.
When I received this mayo as a gift, pasta was my first thought - It was amazing, creamy just like alfredo!

I honestly felt like I had died and gone to heaven!!  It was sooo decedent.
Glad I didn't have to share it with anyone though, now I have at least 2 more meals leftover YAY!!

Besides this wonderfulness, I went for an hour and a half long walk/pull with my parents and Lance.
It was quite the workout, as he hasn't been for a walk for awhile because of our insane wind/rain storms.
It was great.  I love the trail that we went on, and it's super close to home!   After that I came home and watched some Planet Earth - what an amazing show, if you haven't seen it yet, go get it NOW!!

I am officially done all my Amazing Grass samples and am in love!!  The chocolate was not for me at all.  I liked all the other flavors and I thought the wheat grass was fantastic.

If you live in CR and want to order any let me know and we can order together and split the (expensive) shipping!  Here is the website.  I really really don't like the chocolate one though, so if you want mine, maybe we can make a deal, I've only used 2 scoops out of it!! :)  

I'm obbessed with green monsters right now and have 2 per day for the last few days. 
My energy is great and I feel fantastic!!
(Besides being tired from the lack of sleep from all the adventures this weekend)

We had a great night with friends on Friday night... and then went for sushi last night with some newer-ish friends that are fabulous!!   We ate way to much and had a great time! I had miso soup, green tea, a dynamite roll (super spicy tempura prawn and veggies), spicy scallop roll and an avacado roll.  I took some home and ate it as a midnight snack YUM!!

I didn't take this picture, but felt the need for a picture... too many words, not enough pictures!

I also went through a bunch of old pictures today...  haha.. I love memories... here are a few.

These two lovely ladies are two of my best girlfriends...   Love them to peices
4 of the sexiest bridesmaids around.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures.
We were in Mexico for one of my other best friend's weddings
Here is the lovely bride and I a few days before the wedding.
Could be look much different!?
Love you Amanda! xoxo

Anywhoo... I'm sure greatful for all my new readers, i'm over 600 visitors in less than a month!
Thank you thank you!!

Take care and enjoy your night,


  1. Oh - my - wow! That pasta looks freakin' AMAZING!! Please give it to me. Right now. Please.

    I love the Planet Earth series - I have been showing them to my students lately, and they love them too!

  2. It was amazing!! Come on over.. there are lots of leftovers!! :) We're only 2 provinces away, no big deal!!

  3. My friends OBVIOUSLY need to start getting married in Mexico, I've been to so my weddings lately but no where really fun to visit.


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