Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blowing away .............

I got a fantastic gift from Dave today.  
It's to add to my Christmas collection for our mantle!  A "Hope" candle holder!!

~HOPE~the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best!

I love it!!

For the first time in a long time, I am really excited about decorating for Christmas, and having Christmas at our place this year!  I am not decorating yet, (besides the candle holder) I want to wait until December!  But I'm excited! 
What is your favorite Christmas tradition/Christmas goodness?
Mine is some decorations that I have.  They are ornaments made with cloves from when my grandma grew up in Austria!  I love them!!  I bought some when I went to visit Austria a few years ago!  
I will take pictures when we take town our Christmas decorations!

I'm also excited to start my Christmas baking since I found 
                                        "President's Choice THE Decadent semi sweet chocolate chips"
They are delicious little goodness that have no dairy in them!   It's amazing, I have been paying $9+ for about 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips at the health food store, and then I find these which are super cheap!  Yay..
Homemade peanut butter cups here I come!  
Sorry for no picture, I took one, but it refuses to load and I can't find one online!! SOOO happy!!  
I was also happy to see these little friends at the grocery store again!!   
Mini, baby, super sweet, little oranges. 

I brought them to a class I taught today and the kids were all "awwhing" at them!  They are delicious!

I hope you can tell how little they are!!

We haven't been eating many exciting things lately, just whatever we can find. 
Nothing really picture worthy though!!  So I thought I would just update you with these fun little things!

I've been really busy this week, I started teaching some classes at our schools and finally had my meeting to apply for my schooling to get paid for-I will know tomorrow what the verdict is!! :)

Anywhoo... work got canceled tonight because the weather here is INSANE. 
The town next to us has flooded and was in a local state of emergency the other day, so I'm quite happy to curl up and watch the finale of America's Next Top Model, hopefully with Dave and some popcorn....
  As for ANTM... I really love both of the girls, so I will be happy either way, although I might be voting a little bit more for Nicole, she's so the "quirky girl: and I like that!!
                 Lauren                                                                             Nicole 

Anyways have a fantastic night, hopefully we won't blow away!!! 
Keep posted for some great reviews-Cliff bar and Luna are sending me some samples over the next few week!! YUM, looking forward to it!!

Good night,

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  1. I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas, and baking and basically everything! My hubby and I pick a day each year (a Saturday or Sunday before Christmas), and we watch Christmas movies all day, and bake and eat junk, and get in the Christmas spirit! I love it! I also have an annual Christmas party, where I go ALL out in terms of food. Stay tuned on my blog for the recap on Dec. 6th!! It will be a good one!


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