Monday, November 16, 2009

Dairy Free Treats and a weekend review!!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!    I layed pretty low all weekend,  we tried to go out shopping but my energy lasted about an hour... just long enough to get some treats -  YUM...

I had NO idea that Junior Mints had no dairy!!  YAHOO - that being said, if your allergy is super bad, they may have come in contact with some dairy, so beware.

Candy Canes of course  and one of my favorite treats.   German Gingerbread cookies!! I love them!! I held my breath when I was reading the ingredients! 

Even though I was super tired, I still made some delicious food this weekend!!   
Minestrone  Soup and Cornbread!

It was sooo good!!  So soul filling!!  The cornbread was sweet and cornbready!! :)

Then I took most of Sunday off,  we laid on the couch the whole day watching stupid tv shows...
We decided to order pizza for dinner!!  (Yes I can still have pizza)
I ordered a small Classic Italian - ham, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and green olives.
HOLD THE CHEESE... here is what is left over... It was great!
The pizza shop told me one day that they actually use a separate tray for the cheese free pizza's. 
That made me happy!!

Anyways, I am finally feeling better, which is good because all 3 of my work contracts start this week and I have my meeting tomorrow about getting my school paid for!   Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


  1. Do lactaid pills work for you?

    That pizza looks yummy - even without cheese!

  2. They work for very very small doses, but I figure if I shouldn't be eating it, there is no need too. :)


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