Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yogi tea wisdom today - A relaxed mind is a creative mind...

I don't know what I look more forward to in the morning,  my nice steaming cup of tea or the little bits of inspiration on each tea bag!!
This morning for breaky I made a GREEEEEN Monster - that wasn't green, it looked more like swamp water... mmmmmmm how I love my swamp water!

It had frozen strawberries, loads of spinach, 1/2 a nanner, hemp seeds, honey and water.
I'm trying to cut down on a few calories here and there, plus we go through WAY to much almond milk.
I should take out stocks in Almond Breeze hehe...

Here is a close up of the hemp seeds - I love a little substance in my smoothies..

It was good!!!!

Yesterday I took a little drive to the City that is about 45 mins from here.  I dislike driving very much but guess what?   That is where my school is, so starting in September I will be driving there EVERY DAY!!  ick.

At least there are beautiful views.   They were taken while driving... I promise I was being safe!!

This is a little bit of the ocean.  The cruise ships pass through here on their way to Alaska!!

The beautiful sun....

Then mountains and farm land!!

I promise I will take you on a tour of my cute little town soon!!  So many beautiful little spots.

After the drive, I met up with Dave for shopping and lunch (He works in that town too)

I was hunting for a new yoga mat and found a great one at Winners. 
I love pink!!

It cost $24 and I got the mat, a stretchy band and a pilates video.
I also bought some christmas bulbs and yoga DVD

Lunch... lunch was AMAZING!!  
I tried sooooo hard to remember to take a picture... but I forgot until I ate half and it looked messy, but it was quinoa tabbouli (yum) with chicken, avacado, cucumber and tomatoes. 
It was so good.  I love being able to eat at restarants where there are healthy choices.

When we got home I had 1/2 a beer with clamato ~YUM~
Or should I say clamato with 1/2 a beer! haha... 

And we made dinner.  Lime marinated chicken, french fries (bad, that's 2 days in a row, at least they were baked),  brocolli and califower.  YUM!!  I was full after my beer, so I only ate the fries and veggies!
I also forgot the other day to show you my YUMMY breaky.
A bun with sundried tomatoe mayo, sliced tomatoe, scrambed egg with kale and green onion.
It was yum!!

We are off to find a Christmas tree today ... which is getting me in the mood for Christmas.

I am thinking of starting my christmas baking...  I want to make these, but I am hoping to make them a bit healthier.

Peanut Butter Cups (Reeses)
  • 1 11-12 ounce bag chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp shortening
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup icing sugar
  • 1 tbsp butter, melted
Melt chocolate chips and shortening. Fill paper muffin cups ¼ full and spread chocolate around the sides. Place in freezer to harden.
Filling: Mix 3 ingredients and chill. Roll in balls and place in cups. Pour melted chocolate over top. Chill until set.

Do you think I could sub coconut oil for the shortening?? 

I am also going to test out OhSheGlows pumpkin pie I don't like pumpkin pie much, but this looks good!!

What do you make for yummy treats for Christmas?   This is my first time baking for Christmas, so I need some ideas/inspiration.

Have a great day !!! 



  1. Maybe you could reduce the sugar to about 1/3 cup , and use some stevia to sweeten if it needs some more balance. Lots of times, recipes ask for way more sugar than necessary.

    Granted it will be a variation on the recipe, but you could reduce the amount of peanut butter and whip in some fat free cream cheese, or something of the like to add bulk? Peanut butter has such a strong flavor as it is...

    I suppose you could try whipping it into soft/silken tofu, but i havnt ventured that far into my experiments yet

  2. Tip from Mom.....

    After the first use add water shake well just like having skim milk less

  3. Your swamp water sounds great girl!! Hemp seeds.....great idea as an addition!! I will try this.

    All your food always looks so amazing!!

    Thanks for the comment on my last post, I know Hudson loves grapes but I will not feed them to him now! Geesh when you think you are keeping your pet healthy huh?!

    Have a great night!!


  4. I am going to try Angela's pumpkin pie too!! It looks amazing hey!!!

    I noticed that you have the magic bullet ... don't you just love that little blender! I use mine all the time!

    For Christmas treats I always bake:
    - Chocolate Mountains (other people call them macaroons I think - they have oats and coconut and cocoa and stuff like that). I also make shortbread, and my mother in law brings me tonnes of her baking including nanimo squares, and ginger snaps, and a bunch of other squares and cookies. I absolutely LOVE baking Christmas treats, but I don't eat a lot of them :-) I am not a big sweets person.

    I also go through WAY too much Almond Breeze, but I LOVE it!! I find that it is pretty cheap at Superstore. How did the green monster taste with water instead? Did you notice a big difference?

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