Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am in such a fantasticcccccccccc mood tonight I felt like I should post something.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers!!  I hope you take some time to relax and enjoy your holiday!!

I'm feeling greatful today too.  Loosing my job was really hard on me, but I full believe everything happens for a reason.  Tonight was a prime example.   When I lost my job, I picked up some hours doing a recreation program with special needs adults.   It is the joy of my life right now.  I come home and my cheeks hurt from smiling and having so much fun!!  Tonight we sang our hearts out at Kareoke.  There is one guy who doesn't speak at all, but he sings like a dream... tonight he was even dancing!!   Loved it!! 

Anyways, I had a great day.  Spent the morning reading every single blog possible, then taught a class, then WENT TO THE GYM (that makes 4/4-thanks for the encouragement!) then I went to work for a few hours tonight (and sang Britney Spears, loud and proud). 

I also realized that I have lots (almost 100 readers in one day) new readers on my blog, so I felt the need to introduce you to our pound puppy Lance!   I was walking him yesterday and a lady solved our mystery of what his breed was.   We knew he was pitbull crossed with something, she enlightened us.  He is a pitbull boxer cross.   After we googled him, every picture was pretty much his twin!!

His head really is bigger than his body, he looks like a bobble head in person too!!  hehe..

He's pretty camera shy, and attacks me every time I take a picture!!  haha
Now before you think "pitbull" let me tell you, this guy is a complete nut, he has 0 aggression, I would trust him around kids in a second,  he would lick them to death but he's a lover not a hater!! :) 

Ok this is a food blog right??  

Breaky was a green monster and then laterish I had scrambled eggs with kale and green onions, an orange and 1 piece of toast...

The for lunch... YUM.. same as yesterday plus a handful of chocolate chips!

So good!! I might even have more tomorrow!!

Dinner(?) was another green monster, ginger snap lara bar and an apple!! 
I didn't have a single chip that was at work tonight!!  And it was HARD!!  
I'm starving now, I might have to eat something else too..
I promsie it will be healthy (probably oatmeal)

Anywhoo...  sweet dreams blog world!! 
I hope your Thursday is full of fabulous things!

PS.  Suscribe to my RSS feed, as I don't think my email thingy is working!!
If anyone has any tips, I'd be forever greatful!!


  1. How did you find out how many readers you have!!?? I have no idea how to do that!!

  2. Aw I love Lance. I have a pound puppy too. Isn't it nice to give them a second chance? (It is almost like they won the puppy lottery)



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