Monday, November 23, 2009

Today was a good day!!

Well if you read my previous post you would have heard my exciting news today! 
(Before you read on, my spell check isn't working, so don't mind all my bad spelling, it was never one of my strong suits hahaha)

I got approved for funding for school.  A little background on this.  I got bumped out of my job (that I loved) of 3 years in September.  Broken hearted and unsure of what to do next I went through EI and applied to get "re-training"  It was quite a bit of work doing the whole process but it will be worth it as they pay for pretty much 70% of all living expenses and 70% of school costs for the whole 2 year program.  (There are some other details in there, but that is the basics)  So I will be taking the social service worker dipolma starting in September!!  Sooo excited/nervous!

I spent the day playing on twitter (add me!!) and on the foodbuzz website.  I'm hoping I can get lots of people checking out my blog, because I really really enjoy writing it!!

I pretty much just had a green monster today and left over pasta for breaky and lunch.
  Then I packed a bunch of snacks because I had to teach a class and then had my yoga/climbing session (which is soo fun!!)  I am loving the yoga, she's been challenging us to pretty tricky stuff, I love it!! 
Here is what I packed up for snacking.

I only ate the clif builder bar yay protein!!! 
I desperately need a new yoga mat.  Any good suggestions on where to get one
(besides lulu because they are way to expensive)

Then I stopped at our little (somewhat expensive) health food store and bought some goodies.
I begged and pleaded with them to order in amazing grass and they said NO.. booo to them!!

Yogi-kombucha green tea (should be interesting?)
White Chia seeds (after all the reviews from other blogs, I had too!)
Extra virgin coconut oil - the last one I bought was just "virgin" and it had no coconut smell boo
Gingersnap Larabar
Nutritional Yeast

Then I finally got home...  I was starving, so I made some oatmeal (I forgot how much I loved oatmeal)

Almond Milk
Chia Seeds
4 or 5 chocolate chips
It was goooood!!
Oh and my freeeeeeeeee alive magazine... It's a fantastic read! 

Today was not the most balanced food, but it was a very busy day!
There is something I've been eating lately that is really bugging my stomach too, I've had an upset tummy every day this week...  Must figure out what it is.  I have a sneaky suspicion that it is flax. 

What are your remedies for an upset stomach?

I usually just take my probiotics, eat some ginger and drink green tea, but these aren't working this week.  

Goodnight and sweet dreams oh lovely blogger world!! 


  1. green tea usually makes my stomach a little funky if I'm not feeling too hot, but I usually drink ginger tea and something dry like toast. Feel better!

  2. For an upset stomach I drink a lot of water, and if I eat anything, it is soup.

  3. Yum! That oatmeal looks wonderful! I've never tried it with almond milk, I'll have to. Thanks for posting this.


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