Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eggs are not dairy!!!!!

I apologize again for being gone again!!  Thursday I was feeling pretty icky, and my day ended up flying by (thank goodness)  and yesterday Dave and I spent the day Christmas shopping, the WHOLE day.  

Our Christmas shopping went pretty well, we got a few things for family... and Dave bought a new wardrobe for himself (almost)  and I didnt' find a single thing!!!!!!!!!   It was quite sad...    But I did have a fantastic lunch (well for a food court lunch)  I went to "Terryaki Experience"  It was great.  I had the pineapple shrimp with extra veggies.  I found out that they cook with water, not oil and they let you add your own sauces, very good!!    I find it hard to eat the no dairy way in a food court (especially when I see "OPA" my old favorite)

Then we went to Costco...  they have such fantastic deals.  Unfortunetly we were trying to cut back and not spend a wack of cash.   But they had 2 litres of POM juice for $7 something,  silk soy milk 2x pack for super cheap.   Frozen strawberries (for green monsters) were $7 for a large bag.  I also got two amazing lululemon like hoodies for $20 each!!  

Then I had a HUGE craving for a club sandwhich.  So we went to this fun restaraunt that you could draw on the tables (oh how I wish I had a camera for the finished artwork)  I had my beloved club sandwhich, but after I asked for no dairy, they took every condiement in site off my sandwhich so I got a sandwhich with 1 peice of turkey, 2 peices of bacon, a piece of tomatoe and rotten lettuce (that I took off, ick)  It wasn't very good, so I brought it home and added some goodness, and it was mucho better!  Funny how most people think mayo has dairy... boo to them!!!   Mayo is EGG folks... eggs are not dairy!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok.. for the review.... So Good Omega Original. 

Full of Omega goodness...  aka flax seeds... I should have read the label because flax seeds bug my stomach.  
It tastes a wee bit fishy, 
creamy and it's pretty sweet.  
Not sure I would buy it again, but it's not terrible.   So Good make
pretty delicious stuff usually.   I love their ice cream, it makes me feel normal,
because the taste is so close to regular ice cream.   The butterscotch swirl is amazing, I would eat it over regular ice cream any day!

Ok... time for me to start my day!!   We're heading to a pottery show ( I love pottery) and I'm hoping to buy myself some Christmas gifts.. haha..

Have a lovely day!


  1. Christmas shopping all day!!! Sounds like a perfect day to me :-) There is probably nothing I love more than Christmas shopping.

    Great buys at Costco, I love Costco for their amazing deals!!!

  2. Haha, I saw your title of this post and thought "If I had a dollar for every time I had to say this ..." well, I probably would be on some beach rather than blogging!

    Seriously, when was the last time a dairy farm churned out eggs, or the dairy council promoted chicken farming? I digress.

    We spend a good portion of the year in Canada so I have had So Good (don't like the 'milk') but haven't tried that butterscotch swirl. Sounds awesome!


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