Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Nope, it's not Thanksgiving, it's just happy turkey day! 

I'm cooking, a happy turkey today and am excited about it!!   Somebody asked me what makes a happy turkey and I said.... "he came from a happy farm, was treated like gold,  fed healthy grains, lived as he pleased... drank red wine and ate chocolate bon bons!!"  I think that makes for a happy turkey don't you!!?

He looks happy, don't you think?
Thanks to Sandra for such a yummy bird!!

So Dave and I went to a pottery sale yesterday.
I found a whole bunch of lovely stuff.  I'm only allowed to have one of the bowls today because the rest are away for Christmas.   I love pottery!!  Here is one of my very beautiful pieces.

Side View...

I am so in love with it.

I didn't eat anything overly interesting yesterday.  I am getting more used to the Amazing Grass stuff.  I can't use a whole scoop.   BUT that being said, I have noticed a HUGE boost in my energy and my cold that I was getting seems to be gone!!   So even if I don't love the taste, the benefits seem to be fantastic. 

I am waiting to make my smoothie this morning, but Dave is still in dream land.   Lance loves Dave, and this is what happens every morning...

He waits outside the door all morning, listening to every single sound...
waiting for that blissful moment that Dave opens the door.

Anyways, my morning started off with some shredded wheat, crasins and soy milk.
And now I'm sipping on my lemon/honey drink.  Yum...

On the dinner plate tonight will be turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, yummy mashed potatoes (with soy milk and earth balance) and stuffing... and we'll toss some veggies in there too.. 
Pictures to come!!

Here is a hello from Lance this morning,  he came to say hello as I was writing this...

Have a fantastic day!!!  


  1. jess, i have been MIA and i just read the posts i have missed out on. u have a natural gift with blog writing! i love how u have pics here & there as well. i LOVE the pic of lance outside the door, waiting for dave....dogs are amazing creatures. can't imagine life without one now...hope u are feeling better...i still have to try those green monsters....xoxox

  2. Thanks for reading Desi... hopefully you got to go back and read all that you missed!!
    Lance is awesome, he's so much fun (and such a pain in the butt) but we love him...

    Hope you are doing fantastic!!!!!!!

    Big hugs,


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