Friday, April 30, 2010

Episode 1 – Blogland “Cribs”

If you watch MTV often, you have probably have seen an episode of “Cribs” where they take you into celebrity homes, and you get a tour of the joint…

I thought it might be fun to do this in blog land… and since I just finished taking pictures for putting our house on the market, I figured this is a great opportunity!!

You should do it too… and I’ll add a link to my blog to yours!

I was going to do a video component, but then I decided I’m still a little camera shy!!!

Welcome to our home!

front of house edited

*note – we don’t have white birds flying in the sky, or weird black things growing out of the rock, it just looks like we do ;)

Come on in….

entry way

Living room

living room

living room2

Which moves into the kitchen/dining room

kitchen wow… that’s the cleanest our kitchen has ever been!

kitchen 2

Of course… can’t miss the best part of cribs… a look into the fridge…


Back to the tour…..  Dining room!

dining room to the right is the laundry room/pantry – which was far to  messy to show !!

Let’s take a peak outside… in the backyard

backyard2 backyard4 and our “Dave built” hot tub (that we never use!)

backyard3 back inside, we go down a little hallway with a bathroom to the left

(We love our bathroom)


bathroom2 There are two undocumented bedrooms – one is green and is the office… and the other is my messy room… which is unexplainable ;)

Then there is our room – which is the only room we haven’t painted yet!!

master bedroom master bedroom2 Well there you have it folks… our small but cute house… it has come a long ways… when we moved in, it had and orange kitchen… with too many cabinets, but D has worked his magic and now it’s a lovely little home!!

Hope you enjoyed!!  

Remember to check back tomorrow for the “Get to know you” guest post!! :)




  1. OMG Jess your house is ADORABLE. I love your style - I love a "modern" look in a house. I can't decide what I like best because everything is gorgeous. Maybe your bathroom. I'm a sucker for gorgeous bathrooms. Who isn't? I love your headboard, too - are those canvases with branches painted across them? Really, really lovely.

    At the moment, my fridge totally has peanut butter cups chillin' up in there too :)

    Thanks for kicking it off! I really thought I was the only person who wanted to document their house and show the world - I mean, it's my living space, it makes me happy! I bet your beautiful living space makes you happy, too :)

    Random question - after you guys get married, are you still going to live in this house?

  2. Such an adorable house! Love it! It's so fun to see other people's homes. I should take pictures of our house tonight because it is SO CLEAN right now! :)

  3. Your house is beautiful and adorable! I love how you decorated!!


  4. Oh, I love your cute house! I'll try to get my apartment clean today so I can show my "crib" soon. :)

    I'm so jealous of your backyard! I'm looking forward to non-apartment living someday... *sigh*

  5. Aww, your house is so cute! Thanks for sharing with us. I have been wanting to show my house for a long time, but I am still in the works of fixing up most of it. One of these days I will do a big reveal! :)

  6. Your house looks great, so nice and cozy. I'm loving the color of your livingroom.

    Our place is still a work in progress (I think it will always be a work in but maybe I'll post some pics of what's done.

  7. You house looks great and so inviting. Plus the rooms are all spotless. I strive for the day when my house will look all clean and fresh!

  8. Nice "crib"!!! Looks nice & cozy!

    We are going to be doing renovations soon so I'll probably do before & after! If it ever gets done!

  9. Haha, that's funny that you haven't painted the bedroom yet, because I was going to say that I LOVE the paint in the bedroom! It looks great, and I don't think you need to change it!!

    We must be twins separated at birth, because the other day I was thinking about how it would be cool to do a "cribs" post on my blog - great minds!

    Love it!

    You have a beautiful home!

  10. What a cute clean ; ) Thanks for letting us in!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Your house looks amazing! I love your headboards for your beds :-)

  12. lovely home! You are putting it on the market!?! I bet I have missed something... why selling?

  13. Super cute casa you have there!!! To
    be honest I thought of playing along but I
    don't love where I currently love. It feels like a for now kind of place. But I promise to give you a grand tour (I'll even invite you over for real) when we move back to the Coast.

  14. Oooh, awesome! I missed this post over the weekend.

    I LOVE the color of your living room. Where the heck is all your junk? LOL! My house stays that clean for all of 10 seconds.

    Very cool idea. Next time my house is spotless, I'll take a few photos as quickly as I can.


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