Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bits and Bites and Awesome Dairy Free Chocolate

Good Morning, Afternoon or any time this post actually posts!!  (I’m having troubles posting)

Glad you guys all enjoyed the flower post yesterday!!  Seeing flowers makes it seem like summer – although the weather is not making me feel like summer at all – moving on.

Because I don’t write down the recipes for everything I try, I find that sometimes I have a bunch of foodie pictures to show you but no directions to go along with… but I’ll show you anyways Smile


On the 2 days so far that we have had summer like weather – I went for my old faithful summer meal.

Salad Rolls – I LOVE them – you can stuff them with anything you like – make an amazing dip and there ya go! Smile   Easy Peasy! DSC_0682

I usually stuff mine with veggies, avocado, sprouts, seaweed, and fresh herbs! YUM!

Up next… 

An interesting breakfast which I’m calling breaky Bi Bim Bap.  Raw oatmeal on the bottom, chia seeds, almonds, dates, gogi berries and sunflower seed butter.   I put on about 1/2 cup almond milk and let it sit for a few hours.   It was pretty good – although, I just don’t LOVE oatmeal Winking smile


And then..


I made the “Not Egg Salad” from the Raw Rose Cookbook!   Basically a bunch of veggies, chopped up small, turmeric and spices.   It’s good!

Pad Thai – I used a boxed sauce for this – which wasn’t good at all.  But I really enjoyed a stir-fry with rice noodles – so I’ll have to try this sans’ said boxed sauce!  Anyone have any good Pad Thai recipes?


Another thing that I have been loving that you probably have NEVER seen on this blog.

Iced coffee  - but not just any iced coffee…


This is mushroom coffee – I know, it sounds gross.


The mushroom has lots of health benefits – although I’ve read lately that this coffee has minimal traces of the mushroom in it.  But I still enjoy it sometimes!  I’m not much of  a coffee drinker, but on a hot day, I love some ice cold almond milk and coffee! Smile 


Lastly, I must introduce you to the newest love of my life!

The other day on twitter – I mentioned that I LOVE chocolate, but truly miss MILK chocolate.

Char tweeted back immediately and told me about these gems. I went to the health food store to see if they had them, and sure enough, they were a brand new item.

rice milk chocolate

Chocolate made with RICE MILK!  Brilliant.  They are amazing! I loved the one with almonds – it was my fav (and Char’s too!), but the truffle centre one was awesome too!  These are seriously the answer to my prayers.  They seem a little expensive $3.75 each – but worth every penny.

I wasn’t given anything for this review – this is strictly all me! I paid for them out of my own pocket!

They seem like they would melt well too!!

Question of the day – Have you tried any “milk” chocolates that you like?  (dairy free of course).

Have a great Wednesday – I’m hoping the weather gets nicer so I can take the boy I am working with to the market!  (It’s not looking good yet).

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  1. I'm intrigued...I haven't had any milk chocolate in forever! Your eats look delicious. What a tasty day!

  2. The Ricemilk Choco with almonds or truffles is my FAVORITE(S). My food co-op stopped carrying them because the distributor we used stopped carrying them and I was SO BUMMED.

  3. Ohhhh that chocolate looks amazing...might need to look into it!

  4. The chocolate looks good! Glad you found a yummy substitute!

  5. what kind of mushrooms are in the coffee? ( the link goes to the bi bim bap)... wondering if it is Cordyceps mushroom, I use those a lot (wrote a post about them this morning, for another site and perhaps later on mine) anyway, just curious - big coincidence and I'm always interested in mushrooms! :)

    your salad rolls look perfect!

  6. Mushroom coffee? Really!?!? Wow!

    Your salad rolls look perfect. They are so crisp and fresh. I think I'd like some, please!

    And YAY for rice milk chocoalte! I LOVE rice milk (and almond milk) but I've never found chocolate that uses it.

  7. I never even thought of looking for dairy free 'milk' chocolate! I have to get some of this asap...

  8. I don't know if I have had dairy free "milk" chocolate ...

  9. just came across your blog. i am lactose intolerant and searching for recipes. pad thai? well, i just made this the other night! Here's the link.
    (instead of hoison sauce I used 2 tbsp peanut butter and some lime juice!)


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