Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Super Easy and Quick Curry!

As you know, I LOVE curry!

I have previously shared recipes for my favourite Red Thai Curry

And for another easy Chicken Curry

This is a super easy one, with pretty healthy ingredients. 

We were both starving one night, and instead of going our for dinner we decided to pick up some goodies!


The curry was basically tomatoes and spices.  It said to only add it to chicken, but how boring is that?

We loaded it full of veggies and chicken


Poured the sauce over, and added about 1/4 cup of coconut milk – to make it a wee bit creamy!!

I am LOVING peas in my curry lately.  It adds sweetness without adding a fruit (like pineapple or mango).


Cook it all up until veggies are to desired crunchiness…

While it’s cooking, pop a pappadam into the microwave for 30 seconds! (we had 2 each).

If you are a microwave disliker – you can also pan fry them!!

I served this over a wee bit of brown rice…


I LOVED the pappadums – they were crunchy and salty!  I took some curry the next day to work sans rice and just ate it with pappadums!


The curry is even better the next day!! Smile


Making curry from scratch is ideal of course, but these sauces make it so easy for a quick week night meal!

Are you a curry fan? 

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  1. I love curries too, and this look delicious!! :)

  2. i love all your curry recipes!! super easy and delicious

  3. I LOVE curry, and agree it is even better the next day! :)

  4. Hi!! I'm not much of a curry fan... not my thing! Hope you are doing well. I'm back to blogging so I'll be back more often!

  5. Though I'd leave out the chicken ;) this looks awesome. Anything curry is a winner in my book, ESPECIALLY if there's cauliflower involved!

  6. I'd leave out the chicken ;) but this sounds awesome. I <3 anything curry, especially if cauliflower is involved!

  7. Holy WOW! Those pictures are absolutely stunning. Really, they are beautiful.

  8. I am a BIG curry fan! I love green curry the best I think.


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