Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photo Sunday?

So I am still alive!

It’s been a crazy busy week for me, having something every night after my practicum and then a full day workshop yesterday!

I’ve been taking pictures  on my iTouch along the way though, and since it’s Sunday, and no one really reads on Sundays, I’ll leave you with some bad quality pictures of my week!! (iTouch’s don’t take very good pictures).


My new favourite breakfast – Toast with Avocado – nooch and s & pIMG_0150

In a few sunshiny minutes of relax, I played with some paints!


And hung out with these dudes…


So cute!


I also tackled the garden. It was a bit of a beast.


Apparently kale is amazing!  A friend mentioned last night that you can even eat the flowers!?  I’m going to test it out!


I’m growing kale, 2x tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, spaghetti squash, beans (2 kinds), peas and a bunch of herbs  -  including peppermint, cilantro, dill.


I’ve also been enjoying my practicum SO much!  I am learning so much and getting so much hands on experience working with kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Sensory Disorders and other disabilities, it’s all SO fascinating!

This is one of the “visual schedules” that is used for our students.

It’s helpful to teach them self regulation techniques!


Yesterday I did an amazing workshop on Mental Health, Self Regulation, Sensory Disorders and Sensory Integration.

It’s a fascinating world!!  I’m SO excited to get more into the field!

Moving on Winking smile

We also tried out a new sushi place!  The lighting was terrible, but the sushi was fantastic!

This roll is my favourite roll ever!!



And of course I have been spending time with friends watching hockey!! (Ok, I didn’t watch hockey, I sat outside in the sunshine!)


And enjoyed the company of good friends!


(this one good friend has beer on tap at his house, so it’s always the place to go) – ps, not for me, I’m not a beer drinker!


And he has a trampoline! Winking smileIMG_0182

So it’s been a great week, I’m really excited to have 2 days off now – and then only 4 days left of my practicum and then I am GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile  and free for the summer!


I hope you guys are all well, I’ve really missed hearing from you, so tell me something fun!!

Take care, and I promise to have much better pictures next time!! Smile 

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  1. It's so exciting that you are graduating. Congratulations! Looks like you've been having fun, and I love your eats. Toast with avocado on top is one of my old favorites. And sushi? Yes please!

  2. Oh my goodness, how I want to kiss those doggie faces!! :)

  3. well, hello there stranger! :) good to hear things are going great - AH! I remember the feeling of being DONE with school, I'm so excited for you!

    I suppose I must try this toast, I've seen it SO many times now all over and it sounds delicious every time.

    happy Sunday!

  4. I am also going into special education - I would love to hear more about your practicum if you even feel like writing about it!

  5. Hey busy lady! Sounds like a bunch of good stuff. I'm totally sold on the toast/avo breakfast---two of my favorite things :)

    Love all the pics---I'm always secretly super excited when I go someplace where there's a trampoline (and the sun's out!).

    Have a great night :)

  6. I LOVE toast and avocado!!! And congrats on the Graduation!!!!!

  7. Isn't avocado toast the best?? Your post made me hungry, off to lunch. :)

  8. Hey Jess :)
    its Melanie where was the new sushi place? looks great. i hope you are well and im so proud of you.

  9. I haven't tried avocado on toast, but I should because I think I'd really like it.


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