Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Lunch Box!

As you all know, I love the blog City Life Eats

Valerie posts so many awesome lunch boxes.  I am continually inspired by her, so I am posting one of my own today!!


This was for a Pro-D Day at school and it was SO awesome!!

Top Left Corner going clockwise…

Hornby Island Pate (drool, more on that later).  Zucchini, Peppers and snap peas (Zucchini and Peppers are awesome vessels for the pate)!!  Black Berries, Gogi Berries & Chocolate chips and Raw Granola (sent by Spa Bettie!).  I thought the granola was crackers – oops!  It was still awesome though!

Ok, about this Hornby Island Pate…


It is one of the best things I have tasted in a long time!!  I spoke about the red pepper flavour a few weeks ago, and now I must boast about this one, which I like even more!

It’s a sunflower seed base, with spelt flour.  And it’s truly an amazing savoury staple in my life now!

I have not received anything from these reviews at all, I buy it with my own money and am just so in love!! If you live close to Vancouver Island you should try to find it… Drools!!

Moving on! Smile 

Do you pack lunches every day?  What are your staples? Feel free to send me an email with a photo of your lunches, and I’ll post it on my blog! dairyfreebetty (AT) hot mail (dot) com. 

Make sure to check out City Life Eats for more tasty inspiration too!

Lastly, check out these pretty lilies that the hubby got me, aren’t they so pretty?!


I love fresh flowers!


Up tomorrow – a super easy curry!!  Great for a busy night!!

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your lunches!

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PS.  I am NOT very fashionable at all… (at ALL), but how cute are these sandals?  I got 4 for $30!!! I am SO in love with them too!

WARNING – Foot pictures ahead! Winking smile




Don’t judge my bad pedicure! Winking smile


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these ones!! Attention shoe companies, these are SO comfy!!

I love the little toe holder thing!


Ok, chow for now!



  1. Cute shoes and yummy food! I'd say you were very fashionable. :-)

  2. cute shoes!! :) I like the second pair most, the Glitter Girl in me...

    oh, you were probably expecting to eat the "cracker" with the pate, yes? :) hope it was good for you anyway - glad you are still enjoying! XXO!

  3. Those are some super cute sandles....Love the flower!

  4. I pack a lunch almost every day, but it usually just consists of leftovers and an orange.


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