Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY–Raw Rose E - Cookbook!

You might remember this time last year I did the basic and advanced Raw Rose Culinary Arts Program. You can read about it here!

During this 2 weeks, I ate some of the most amazing foods!

Spaghetti and “Neat”balls with Turmeric Salad


Raw chocolate fondue (for BREAKFAST!)


Nori Rolls


One of my FAVORITE foods ever – Raw Banana Lemon Pie – lucky you – the recipe is here


Burgers and “fries”


And SO much more – I ate copious amounts of food and green smoothies for the 2 weeks and I LOST weight and felt amazing!  

Plus the space is very ZEN’like – this is the view from the kitchen!



Anyways – moving on!!!!!!!!!!  Rose has another course coming up July 8-21st.

This includes 3 levels!

July 8-21  Basics, Advanced & Raw Chef Certification  (you can take 1, 2 or 3 of the levels)
or another option is Sept 23-26 Basic only.  This is located between Courtney and Campbell River on Vancouver Island!

Check out her Website for more info. or you can email her at rose@rawrose.com


The GIVEWAY – 2 copies of the Raw Roses Uncooking E –Cookbook

Because it’s an E-Book it’s open to EVERYONE!

If you have been following my blog for awhile you’ll know that this is MY FAVORITE cookbook!  It’s unlike other Raw cookbooks that have odd ingredients and confusing recipes!

Anyways, Rose is sponsoring one of the E-books and I am sponsoring the other so you have 2 chances to win!


You can choose to either enter through comments or on my facebook page – due to my comments STILL not working for everyone.  

How to win;


#1- Like Dairy Free Betty on Facebook &  Leave a comment  or go here to leave a comment telling me about your favourite RAW recipe (or something you would like to try).

#2 Tweet, Blog or Facebook about it and leave me the link to it! here (1 separate entry for each).

For Tweeting - I want to win a Raw Rose E-Cook Book @dairyfreebetty http://www.dairyfreebetty.com/2011/06/giveawayraw-rose-e-cookbook.html

#3 Check out Raw Roses website http://www.rawrose.com/ and tell me something about it here or here!

Winners will be drawn on Saturday June 18th.  PS This E-Book is downloaded to your computer – you don’t need a special E-book reader to get it!  Then you can even print it off if you like!

Good luck!!

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  1. *trying the comment thing again* ;) I'll go to fb if it doesn't work! :)

    I would LOVE to try that banana lemon pie - I may have to make that this weekend!! and if I didn't have two weddings in July, I would consider going to the workshops!! :) someday... have you done the whole thing?

  2. How can I pick a favorite raw recipe?! How bout just my favorite from the last month or so? ;) Probably a raw tiramisu I had at Living Light!

  3. I love her website with yummy looking photos. I see that you can order raw goodies from her!


  4. after looking at the website, i never knew that oatmeal wasn't raw!

  5. Raw cooking (hmmm is that right? is it raw preparing?) is something that I'm new too... but the sight of that lemon pie may have made me a believer!

  6. I am still pretty new to raw food, but I have had a few raw tamales that were awesome. I'd love to try making some at home! This e-book sounds like it is friendly for new-to-raw people with easily accessible ingredients--perfect for me! I want that burger and 'fries'!

  7. I poked around her website, MUST try the hummus without chickpeas!

  8. I tweeted about this: @lalaakins

    Hope to win!!

  9. The banana lemon pie looks SO good and easy. I'm going to try it soon!

  10. I'm new to raw food but I want to try the banana lemon pie and I'm intrigued by the hummus without the chick peas from Raw Roses website!!

  11. This giveaway is awesome! I can usually never participate in them since I live way over here. You are too sweet!

    And I need to make those nori rolls! They are so fresh and beautiful. Drool!

  12. Those recipes look so good. I will admit that the idea of "raw food" scares me just a little. I mean, I eat plenty of raw food like fresh fruits & vegetables, but the dehydrating process etc makes me feel like I'm likely to fail if I attempt it. So the idea of recipes that would be easy to make is great!

  13. That cookbook sounds awesome!!!

    I went to the website and learned that she has a recipe for hummus without chickpeas - who woulda thunk it!?

  14. I am so struggling with healing my body of gall stones and so need to start eating foods that are not my allergens. This book would be awesome for me. I am a follower on facebook! Jessica Carter

  15. The Banana Lemon Pie is my favorite!! I got it when you first shared it on your site and it is my go-to everytime I am asked to bring something to an event. I especially love the crust- and it is so easy to make!!!

    Thanks for always sharing such great recipes!

  16. I really like the way that Rose shared the benefits of changing to a raw food diet. Good for her for being more healthy and losing 50 lbs!

  17. I know everyone has said this but that pie looks darn amazing!!

  18. Just tweeted this as well @mommahunt16

  19. Thanks for all the great comments. Be sure to try the Banana Lemon Pie recipe...so easy to prepare and tastes yummy! RawRose


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