Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lesley does awesome Instagram Posts and I though it would be fun to do one too! So here are some fun ones I have snapped the last few days!

My “Go Canucks Go” cupcakes!  Too bad they lost!!


Watching game 6 at our friends place (Canucks lost)


No, I am not a hockey fan – but having the Vancouver Canucks playing for the Stanley Cup has given me the hockey bug!!   I made chocolate peanut butter balls for game 7 – which Canucks lost!


Picture of the hubby on the way to Costco!


and me tooo


Oh the road…


In the morning doing some YOGA (I did 1 hour of zumba and 20 mins yoga!)


I also ate some Trader Joes treats!


Played with pictures on Camera + on my iTouch too!


This app rocks! (old picture – this is NOT my backyard, unfortunately!)


Anyways, I thought these pictures were fun!! I love to see what everyone gets up to in the day!

There are only 20 entries to the GIVEAWAY so make sure you get your entry in, as 2 people will win!   It’s open to NON BLOGGERS too!!  Also you can be from wherever too! (Saudi and Australian readers!!)/

Question of the day – what is your fav iPhone app? 

Have a great day!

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  1. Yay for Instagram!! :) Isn't it entertaining? I just downloaded a labels app were you can "label" photos and write things on them, it's fun too ;)

  2. Hm..I wish I had an iPhone! My Android is ok but it takes bad photos. Can't wait to upgrade later this year to a better Droid.

  3. These pics are SO pretty! I love how dreamy and saturated everything looks.

  4. I have not yet used the instagram... I love apps, though. Jason was using the "brostache" the other day - you hold the phone up to your mouth and a mustached mouth talks for you. it's hilarious.

    the peeps in Vancouver got crazy last night :(

  5. those TJ's pineapple chips are amazing!! I bought a bag and couldn't keep my hands off! Just something about that crunch :)

  6. I don't know anything about apps ... LOL. I use a simple, old, LG Rumour. Can't check my email, tweet, or do pretty much anything other than call or text from my phone. I like it that way :-)


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