Thursday, June 9, 2011

What was eaten…

Yes! It’s Thursday!! You know what that means?  This is my 4th blog post in a row!!  I hope you are all proud of me! haha Smile   Truth is, I wrote them all in 1 night, as I find that the easiest!! Then I can put some time and energy into it, and not feel rushed!

Ok… what’s next?

How about some random eats as of lately?

I love seeing meals that other bloggers have eaten, and recipes they have tested out, I hope you do too!!

First off, I made another batch of Oh She Glows Oatmeal Bars – this is one of my all time favourite recipes!


Especially right out of the oven with chocolate chips and a scoop of vanilla soy ice cream!


Have you tried it yet?  If no, you should, you won’t be disappointed!


Up next – Super easy burritos!

I took a can of Amy’s Refried Black Beans, BBQ veggies and put it together in a wrap.


Wrapped it up and served it with some salsa and mmmm sauce!


It made about 7 wraps, which I wrapped up and froze for quick easy dinners!


And a little Asian Flair!

Chicken Goya's, steamed kale and kimchee!


Served with some fresh homemade juice which included.

2 stalks celery

1 apple

1 orange

1 carrot

handful of snap peas

and this.


AKA… carnage from my garden – Kale flowers and stems, chickweed and dandelions!

Weird yes – tasty yes!!  I was actually surprised it wasn’t bitter at all!


Check out my view for this lovely meal!! Beautiful greenery and SUNSHINE!! Smile 

Well that’s enough for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more eats!!

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BTW. Someone emailed me the other day, asking why I never show breakfast!!  First off I don’t like super repetitive things, and any day that I have school or have to leave early, I made the same thing.

Veggies sautéed and scrambled with egg white and nooch, served in a brown rice wrap!! With some ketchup!   Boring but awesome – and it never ever upsets my temperamental stomach, plus it keeps me full for a few hours!

Ciao for now!



  1. That is such a great idea to make a bunch of wraps at the same time for the freezer. Grab one and go! You're brilliant!

  2. Amy's refried beans are HEAVEN! In fact, they are the only refried beans that I even really like. I use them to make wraps like that all the time. I was just sitting here wondering what I would eat tonight for I think I know!

  3. @Tasha @ Voracious
    They are so good hey? My only problem is they are SO high in calories!! I think it's 240 for 1 cup! EEK!

  4. @Charissa

    I learned the "make and wrap" idea years ago when I used to babysit for a family! We always made about 3 cans worth of burritos and froze them for quick easy lunches!

  5. I loved the pictures on your blog. Must say the sandals tempt me to rush to a footwear shopping spree right away.. Will surely follow your blog!

  6. I am going to have to make those oatmail bars if they are one of your favourite recipes, and Angela came up with them!! Everything she creates is SO dang good!


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