Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trader Joes and Hours Old Puppy Pics!

Two super fun things to share with you today!  But first make sure you enter my giveaway!  They are E-books – so ANYONE anywhere can win it!! Smile   So far there are not many entries so keep them coming!  (Ps.  This is open to everyone, not just bloggers).

So I mentioned the other day that the hubby went to Trader Joes and came home with goodies for me!!   And wow.. goodies I did receive!


3 glorious bags of goodies!

Bag #1 included;

1 bottle of red and 1 bottle of white wine

1 six pack of beer (for him)

3 bags of seaweed snacks – which for the record are AMAZING!


Bag #2



Freeze dried mangos and pineapple

Dried unsulfured apricots

dried wild blueberries x2, dried mango, dried cherries

and the most amazing thing EVER flattened bananas!


I’m pretty sure I could live off of these, especially with sunflower seed butter!


Also included in bag #2

Sesame Covered Almonds and Cashews (which unfortunately contain butter)

Peanut butter cups for the hubby

Olives stuffed with garlic (mmmmm)

And Thai Lime and Chili Cashews (drools)


Bag # 3 included;

2x Goddess Dressing

2x pineapple salsa

Green salsa and red


2x sunflower seed butter

21 Seasoning Salute

I think that’s everything!! What an amazing score hey?  He’s  the best!

Amazing – I wish I lived near a TJ – apparently all this stuff came to under $100!!


I know so far 2 things I will have on my list will be;

Flattened Banana’s and the Seaweed Snacks – they are both amazing!

What is your favourite Trader Joe’s items?


My other fun thing – On Monday we got a very special invite!


One of the ladies I was doing my practicum with (who is amazing for the record) invited us to see her dog’s, few hour old puppies!!    There were 9 of them in total and it was incredible.


I have never seen anything like it!! 9 little bundles of grunting, eye’s closed cuteness!


The pictures aren’t the best, as I didn’t want to disturb mama too much!   She was amazing though – very gentle and sweet.


I could have stayed for hours!! But both mama and my friend were pretty tired as the whole birthing process took from 10 – 3am!




It was such a beautiful thing! 

I asked if I could come visit to take pictures of them as they start to grow up!

She is selling them, if you need a little golden retriever love in your life! And you would know they came from a very loving home!! 

I promise to post more pictures as they turn into little bundles of fluffy love!


Don’t forget about the giveaway!

Have you ever seen baby puppies before or any other animal that was born a few hours earlier?

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I love those puppies. Each and every adorable tiny perfect little one! The mama looks so relaxed and happy, what a perfect family. I want to cuddle!

    And all of your eats look delicious. Those seaweed snacks are so cool. I think I'd be addicted to them in a flash!

  2. oh my GOSH the puppies!! so SO cute.

    mmm, he did VERY well at Trader Joes - you have many of my favorites there!

  3. Oh my gosh..the puppies are ADORABLE!!!
    How fun they will be to photograph:)

  4. PUPPIES!!!!! Daaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww so cute!! And what a lovely TJ's haul!

  5. Good heavens, those little guys are amazing!!! What a cool experience that must have been. P.S. TJ's salsa verde is to die for. xxoo

  6. I don't know which photos is more exciting the one of the haul from Trader Joes or the cute puppy photos!

  7. Very cute! I have fostered neonatal kittens from the shelter or from neighbors who found them, either with or without their mothers (without if the kittens were orphaned). They're very determined yet so fragile! Babies are always so cute. I wish these little guys well!

    When I saw this I thought, oh, there must not be a cat/dog overpopulation issue the way there is here in the states but when I poked around, there is? { <-- is this the same area?! I can't really tell?} Do you know what kinds of dogs are most commonly in your shelters in BC? I've never been to the area. Here in NYC most large dogs get passed over in the shelter because people want smaller dogs or puppies and we have an INCREDIBLE number of pitbulls and pit mixes, most of whom have nowhere to go.

  8. I love food shopping so much. I really wish there were Trader Joe's in the UK. Whenever I read about it, it almost makes me want to go to the US purely for that and the amazing array of nut butters that aren't available in the UK.

    The puppies are so adorable. I may be alone in this, but puppies, kittens, etc, are sooooo much cuter than human babies to me.

  9. @Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    Hey Jessica! Thanks for the quick response. I feel like I keep hearing the same thing when I ask people from other areas what kinds of dogs end up in their sheltering system - very interesting but pretty sad! I hear you - there was a woman breeding small dogs in our area and really, we don't have many small dogs to adopt out from shelters in our area so it's not like those dogs were displacing a shelter dog's life at the time. Thankfully we've gotten better at the larger groups transporting in smaller dogs from areas where small dogs are at-risk for being euthanized so we are able to use our "niche demand" for small dogs favorably for dogs from CA or the south when we can swing the transport!

    Thanks again for your speedy answer!

  10. The puppies are SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE!

    I wish I had a Trader Joe's! I would die if I could get my hands on some of those bananas :)

  11. Awwww how sweet are the puppies!!!!

    I am in love with Trader Joes and I really need one here in Van so I can shop all day :) Love your cashews!!!!!! I need to try them!


  12. Awww, what cute puppies!

    I loooove Trader Joe's...I wish I could shop there every day, but I'm sure I'd be broke.

    Btw, I love your new header/site look. Beautiful!

  13. Jessica, oh my goodness those puppies are cuteness! You took some great shots.

    As for Trader Joes, they are one of my first stops when I am in the US and I love, love, love their vegan food and the prices. The staff are ALWAYS as sweet as pie whatever store you go in. I am convinced they pump something in through the air vents! I agree, the 99c seaweed snacks are delish, I love them but ususally end up with seaweed consumed when not sitting in a busy park! Enjoy your treats. You married wisely.

  14. The puppies are soooo cute!

    I love Trader Joe's. The closest one to me is about 2 hours away but we stock up when we are near there. I love that they have organic choices at reasonable prices. (I get my organic sugar there.) I just made some rice krispie type treats with my sunflower butter from there!

  15. Oh my gosh Jessica - those puppies!!! I would have never left. They are just the most adorable little guys!!! Awwwwwww!


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