Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rut cooking


So… I have to be honest.  I have been B O R I N G in my eats lately!  We’ve been busy busy, so I haven’t cooked anything overly exciting in awhile now.  Do you ever get in any ruts?

I think it’s because Costco just moved close to us – so the fact that I can get massive totes of salad for $3 and 1/2 gallon of hummus for $4 is part of my problem.  I’m not complaining though, I have been enjoying it!


I am LOVING this salad – mixed greens with strawberries and wild salmon (topped with Trader Joes 21 Salute seasoning).


It’s incredible – especially with Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing (with some Apple Cider Vin. to thin it out!)  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm – I probably ate this about 5x in the last week! (and way more without the salmon!)

Another thing on my plate a lot lately (big surprise) – bad picture…


I’ll let you guess ???


That would be curry!!  Each and every time we have it (which is usually 1x per week), we both say that we should eat it more!!   The peas add an awesome sweetness!

I also made potatoes salad for D’s bday!!  It was mayo-less (subbed in blended cashews/almonds with salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar and dill for the sauce).


I would give you the recipe – but to be honest – it wasn’t that good! Sad smile 

Speaking of D’s B-day… He loved his gift.


Remote control Helicopter!


So fun!


Have you made any bad foods lately?  I am not impressed at all with my potato salad. And I’ve made a similar one before, and it was delicious!   Booo…

I’m leaving you with some fun cupcake pictures – Note – if you look there are cupcake mixes (and icings with no dairy)  they are full of absolute crap ingredients, but hey, sometimes a girl needs some help!!




YUM!!!!!!!!!! Smile 


Have a great day!

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  1. ever tried cashew cream sauce and tofu blended with vanilla? might work. That salad looks perfect for summer.

  2. My secret...I love using cake mix! ;)

  3. Before the honeymoon, I was completely boring with my eats also! Hey... we can't be on fire every day! But the pictures of the curry and cupcakes were definitely non-boring... and looked delish! Good job Jess!

  4. I am often very boring with what I eat. And, to be honest, I make a lot that we don't like. Since T is allergic to peanuts I've been trying things like peanut noodles with soy nut butter and gluten free pasta and, well, it has not gone well lately. For book club tomorrow I made regular peanut noodles but, on the drive home from slam poetry tonight, it occurred to me that I forgot the soy sauce! Ack. So we all make things we don't like. Always glad to hear when others have issues too!

  5. Mmm..I love curry!
    Funny about the potato salad---that happens to me a lot. I try something once and it is awesome, and then I try to recreate it and it's not so good. It sounds good in theory!

  6. I want cupcakes! Food ruts happen...the potato salad sounds good. Don't worry, inspiration will hit soon!

  7. isn;t it true that the simple things are always the best. Mother nature provides us with wonderful harvest and flavors. That is the start to make beautiful food...choosing good ingredients.
    Jess congrats on everything you create it inspires me also to create wonderful food.
    Cooking is about nurishing your body and soul, while all about experimenting and trying new things. Can one ever achive perfection while playing in the kitchen? Enjoy the passion.

  8. I'm going to try adding peas to my curry next time, that's a good idea. And those cupcakes look so awesome!! I love the blue!

  9. I have been in a food rut lately too. Boo to ruts!

    I love the colour of that icing - gorgeous, and very summery!


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