Monday, June 6, 2011

Stuffed Peppers!

I told you I would be back!! I’m sitting here in the sunshine writing all my posts for the upcoming week!!  I have so much great stuff to share with you guys!

It was so nice to hear from a few of you yesterday and to finally catch up on a bunch of blog posts.  I was reading all my regular blogs (see side bar) but I wasn’t commenting, only because I had about 100 to read!!

As promised, much better photos this post!!  Those iTouch photos are ugly!!  I had lots of fun taking pictures today with my good camera!!  Enjoy!

Anywhoo…  look at this amazing spectacle!


It’s a stuffed pepper! (YUM)!  I was reading one of my very favourite blogs SPA BETTIE!! and came across her awesome recipe for pizza polenta stuffed peppers!

While I thought they sounded amazing, I decided to try out some of my own flavours, so I cooked up..

1/4 cup millet with (no)chicken broth

Added in a 1/4 cup salsa

A sprinkling of ground coriander

1 TBSP Nooch

Chopped top of the pepper

And some daiya cheese (which I decided I’m not really a fan of).

Then I stuffed and baked as Spa Bettie did!!


I put it on broil for about 6 minutes to make the top crispy!!

Then I made some salad dressing -

The Nameless Dressing!

Into a small mason jar

1 TBSP sunflower seed butter

1 tsp brown rice miso

1 TBSP lemon juice

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

Sprinkle of brown sugar

Dash of herb de providence (thanks to Char for the suggestion on this awesome spice!).

Shake like crazy until combined!


Serve it on lettuce and drizzle with salad dressing!


Amazing meal.  Better than I was even expecting!

The crunchy salad with the warm, creamy millet mixture and the tangy bite from the salad dressing! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!

Spa Bettie – you rock! Winking smile I always find awesome inspiration from you! xo


I hope you give this a try.  I will try the pizza one soon, as it sounds awesome too!


I’m so excited, I get to spend my day with one of my favourite people in the whole wide world today!

I hope your day is a good one too!!

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  1. OH WOW. Those pictures are incredible, but I bet they don't even do the deliciousness of that stuffed pepper justice. I love stuffed peppers but it has been years since I've made them! Craziness. I think I will have to give these a go. Thanks!

  2. thank YOU, Jessica! :) I'm glad you made some, yours look great!

    Happy Monday!

  3. those look amazing! I love stuffed peppers :)


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