Monday, January 18, 2010

Don’t you love food?

I know I love food!!  I have been doing some experimenting and enjoying everything that has been made!! 

MMMMM  and now to share with you!

Have you ever made Quinoa before?  Click here for more info on it!! 
It’s a fantastic thing to add to you diet!

I think the most important thing to know is you should rinse it before cooking, to get rid of the bitter taste!
Here is what it looks like after it’s cooked! Those little white things come popping out!
I cooked it up with some cranberries and then added it to a bowl with 1/2 a banana, walnuts and some agave!
This is the red kind, which tastes just like the regular stuff!!

While cooking I turned Lance into alien puppy!

We also headed over to Ma and Pa’s house for dinner!
They always make a great assortment of yummy healthy foods!
DSC_0711 DSC_0712
Butternut Squash                     German purple cabbage
Big yummy salad

All together now 
with some prawns and turkey (which I didn’t end up eating!)

I also did a photo shoot with “Chirp” my parents “rent a kitty”!
He is their neighbours but prefers my parents place!  He’s so cute and he really truly “Chirps”
Like my socks? hehe
He’s just so sweet!

Ok what else has been on my plate lately?

Last night we made a FANTASTIC dinner
Baked asparagus (my fav), mushrooms, peppers, seitan, small piece of steak with roasted garlic!

With the leftovers I made a dip for the next few busy days.

I tossed in some roasted peppers, roasted garlic, seitan, soaked sesame seeds and cashews. 
Whizzed it up in the food processor, then added some nutritional yeast, salt and some lemon juice.

It’s pretty good but to be honest it doesn’t have lots of flavor, but it’s alright!!

Well folks that’s all from me right now, I’m heading out for my food sensitivity testing soon! 

I will know my verdict this afternoon!
Then I have to spend the next few weeks eliminating all those foods, followed by test #2 to find out what things must be taken out of my daily eats!

I’m excited/nervous, but how amazing will it be to feel great with no tummy troubles!

Here is what it officially is!
EDS (Vega Type) testing is a non-invasive energetic evaluation using a galvanometer, developed in Germany over 35 years ago by Dr. Voll and Dr. Schimmel. The machine that is used in our practice for this purpose is the MORA III and is used to evaluate the presence of food sensitivities in the body. This is not a true "allergy" test as the word "allergy" refers to a life long reaction to substances or foods. What EDS identifies are "food sensitivities" through the evaluation of acupuncture point on the hands. Eliminating these substances gives the immune system a chance to heal and symptoms improve more readily.

Have a great day guys!
xo Jess


  1. You always make such yummy meals - I look to your site for inspiration all the time!

    Good luck at the food sensitivity testing today. One of my fellow bloggers follows what she calls the "crazy diet" but it works! :)

  2. I love quinoa. It's so versatile. I've even seen recipes for a breakfast quinoa (haven't tried that yet).

  3. Quinoa... well I am still on the fence (I actually did a post on it last week). I have made it twice first time threw it out it was disgusting. The second time it was a bit better. I haven't given up on it yet though.

    My Naturopath just did the Carroll Food Intolerance test on me. Came back that I am intollerant of Potato and the combination of Sugar and fruit. It's been a bit of a pain adjusting but my tummy is much happier.

  4. I tried to like quinoa, but I just can't do it!

  5. I love quinoa! I've never had it sweet though! Sounds tasty!


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