Friday, January 8, 2010

FAQ and some embarrassing pictures!

How are you guys doing today??
It’s rainy and yucky here but all is good!

I am soooooooo happy with all the entries to my giveaway!
Still a few days to enter!

I’m also super happy, as I think my new probiotics are working their magic.
Click here for more info on them
This is the second time now that they have saved me from ickiness!

I had a few questions asked in the past few days and I decided to answer them on the blog so everyone can know the answers!

Q. What are you taking in school?
A. Right now I am taking Psychology and in September I will be going to school to become an education assistant (short term goal) and one day (long term goal) do my Child and Youth Care degree (think Social Worker, but a little more fun and only with youth)   another long term goal is something in Nutrition, as it has always been something I wanted to do!    Mainly though, end goal is to work with teen girls developing self esteem.

Q. Why Dairy Free Betty if your name is Jessica?
A. I have been asked this a few times, so now is story time!
I went to a super small school for high school, and we had a little “love triangle” going on…
which really resembled the lives of the characters in the Archie comics!
So we each got our nickname and went on out way.  
Mine has just stuck over the years,
and I couldn’t think of another good blog name on the spot, so that’s what it is!! 

I kinda resembled Betty back then didn’t I?
betty to crop
Awwh to be 15 again! :)

I have been a very bad food blogger the last day or so and haven’t taken many pictures (bad bad bad) But I did have this bad boy for breaky… yum
Sneaky little kale poking out!!  
Kale was definitely my fav veg of 2009…
Especially since I grew it in my garden…
this year I am going to double or even triple the batch!!

I also had more of this yummy banana/chocolate goodness

Not sure if you have noticed or not, but meat hasn’t been making much of an appearance lately in my life?
I am finding that right now I am not craving (or wanting it) I’m feeling really satisfied with what I’m eating…  Not that it won’t come back soon, it’s just taking a little break!

Pssssssst.  Did I also tell you that I am doing a cross border exchange with the
lovely Elizabeth from On Tap Today.
I had sooo much fun making up her little package I hope she loves it!  
Here is a sneak peak of the package I sent her.
I would be really interested in doing another one of these Marchish if anyone (near a Trader Joe’s) is interested!

Just leave me a message and we’ll figure something out, and if there are a lot of you then I will figure something else out! hehe

Last but surely not least… thank for for telling me your silly “make me laugh” stories on the Giveaway post.
A few of them had me chuckling all afternoon!

Here is my question of the day!
What was your favourite veggie of 2009?

Plus I promised you some embarrassing pictures (of my teen years only!)  Enjoy


  1. Hmmmm, my favourite veggie would have to be mushrooms (not really a veggie - but who cares right) :-)

    I would love to do an exchange ... but I am not near a Trader Joe's :-(

  2. Haha I love your pictures! It is always fun to look back at high school pictures. My favorite veggie of the year is kale ;)

  3. Aww I wish we had Trader Joes in Texas...everyone on blogger is always talking about how great it is! I loved reading your answers and getting to know more about you!

  4. I live super close to a TJs, so maybe we can work something out... Hope your stomach gets to feeling better!

  5. Awwww...I'm so glad Elizabeth found someone else to exchange with! We had so much fun doing ours! She said I should charge a tax for having the idea...LOL.

    So cute to know where your nickname came from! Makes your blog even more original!!

  6. glad to hear you're feeling better, probiotics do wonders! and don't worry about your old pictures, i have a few doozies myself ;)

    favorite veggie of '09? PEAS! always been my favorite!

  7. Ha ha good blog today except you forgot our lunch and time together today.....we need to do that more often :)
    Love Mom

  8. Wow your giveaway is doing awesome! I need to get more traffic to my blog! Kudos to your for showing old pictures I believe I burned and destroyed all of mine!

  9. Great pictures! ;) Ha, I'm glad to hear the "Betty" story. I know I called you Betty when I first "met" you ; )

  10. I love Trader Joes! We have one just a few miles from me. Favorite veggie would be broccoli. Funny conversation between my husband and I about you. He saw me reading your blog and said "I take it that is Betty's blog?". I said "No, her name is Jessica.". He said "So I take it she's not dairy free either?". I said, "That part I believe to be true". He just walked away shaking his head. I thought it was funny. :-)

  11. Everything looks so damn good!By the way I tagged ya x x

  12. I'm so glad you cleared up the Betty know I called you Betty once and then I was so embarrassed/confused! Cute story, that! Your teen pictures are so cute. If I lived near a TJ's, I'd so be in. But unfortunately, I am FAR from a TJ's...600 miles? :(

    Favorite 2009 veggie? I'm going with squash -- butternut or acorn. Love'em! Happy Saturday, JESSICA :)

  13. I was totally confused about your name too! Thanks for the clarification haha!

    I love when bloggers share pictures! No need to be embarrassed! We're all friends!

  14. kale. mushrooms. and tomatoes made a lot of appearances in my 2009!!
    LOVE your photos, betty;)
    tee hee.. xox
    love yah!!
    come to Vancouver!! and check out WF. you will die and go to heaven.


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